I am considering buying broadband for my home. Can I also have PayTV or Mobile in the same deal? plus

Yes, many providers allow us to bundle these products together that could save you money.

What will I get in my bundle? plus

This really depends on which products you think you will use or need. Broadband will give you access to high speed internet connections which is great if you are streaming movies or watching a movie On Demand through a Pay TV subscription. Having additional mobile data might also be a good deal if you are watching movies on the go, or video conferencing for work.

Bundles almost always include:

  • Data to use for browsing or downloading. It usually has an unlimited amount, or you may just get additional gigabytes
  • Set top box and Wi-Fi modem, including all the cabling. Most providers give this to you for free.
  • Installation and connection of the service to your home. Again, this is usually for free or at a significantly discounted rate.
  • A selection of PayTV options to choose from, depending on your interests or budget requirements
  • Depending on what mobile package you take, this may include just a new SIM card, or you may receive a brand-new handset.

How much will a bundle cost? plus

This depends on which providers you choose as well as what packages you take for each service.

With so many options to choose from, Cheapbills makes it a hassle-free process to find you the best bundle deal to save you time and money. Call us on 1300 786 045 or complete the online comparison for now.