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We are the Australia's Leading
Comparison Company

Cheap Bills is an online comparison and utility providers. We work with a range of services. We’ll help you take care of your bills and provide the best available offer from our panel of providers. We find a perfect plan for you. We work with preferred Energy, broadband, pay TV, insurance, and financial boring services.

That’s why we’ll give you the peace of mind to make the right call to choose cheap bills.

How Cheap Bills works?

We help millions of Australians who seek our expert advice to find potential saving to their utility.

We have made a promise to Australian families to cut their bill- so they can spend money where it is needed the most.

We believe it is important for us to be completely transparent about how we operate and how we make money, so here’s everything you need to know.

How we make revenue?

While our expert advice is free to you and costs nothing. Instead of charging you a fee, we are paid a small commission by these companies such as Energy, insurance, utilities or finance product.

The commission we are offered by service providers is based on our contribution to help the customers. We charge this fee to sustain and help young Australia earn a healthy wage and this is how the business makes money.



Excellent service coupled with great customer service :)

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How our expert advice

Cheap bills is much more than just an online comparison website.

expert advice

We ensure our referred customers are well looked after by our preferred providers. We help customers make a right choice by saving their time and money.

We keep our commissions confidential. However, as a token of your appreciation and the money made from the service provides. We run a viable business.

So how you make a decision?

Help and Advice:

We’re experts in utility services. Our advisers are trained to make sure you get the best service and reduction in your bills.


We understand everyone is different. By finding the right solutions for each individual, we try to find a suited tailor solution to your need.


We’re a one-stop-shop. We’ll take care of the whole process from start to finish so there is no easier way to compare and buy, all in one place.

Why Cheapbills?

  Australia’s leading comaprision company

  Fast, free, easy

  It only takes minutes

  Great deals from multiple top providers

Who we work with

Who we work with

We compare some of Australia’s leading brands. We work with multiple providers from different service and industries. That said, we’re completely open and transparent with our customers.

We are confident with a range of providers. We can find a suited plan for your needs and budget.

We are not biased toward one provider. Our consultants find the best available deal in your area from our panel of providers.

Protecting Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We take special measure to protect your personal information. We are constantly updating our security on our website & servers.

We keep Customers in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Act. Time to time we update our customer with the new information and offer. However, if you decide not to be contacted we make sure you are kept away from further offers and correspondence.

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