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Broadband is the type of connection that allows you to browse the internet, download or surf the web on your computer or television.

There are four main types of broadband connection available, depending on where you live. They determine the speed of the connection and how much you can do. See our handy chart on the How Fast is Your Broadband? for more information.

1. ADSL Broadband uses your telephone line connected to your home or business to provide the internet connection.

2. Fibre-optic cable broadband are made of glass or plastic that provide a faster internet connection than the copper lines used in ADSL.

3. Mobile Broadband uses the transmitters and receivers used by the mobile phone network to provide the internet connection.

4. NBN (National Broadband Network) uses telephone lines, fibre-optic cables, wireless and satellite to provide a much faster and reliable internet connection than other methods alone.

We will compare broadband packages for you based upon:

What you plan on using the internet for – checking emails and browsing or downloading movies and watching TV, for example.

Your budget – how much you would prefer to spend a month. In general terms, the faster the internet is, the higher the price.

Where you live – this is a major factor as some internet connections may not be available in all areas.

Yes, consider how much technical support you would like. Are you a computer whizz and can solve any internet problem; or do you need a little bit more support? Chat to us about which companies provide the level of support and customer service you will need.
Simply complete the online form and one of our Experts will call you back to discuss your needs and compare what you’re currently paying for your broadband with other retailers. You then make the decision to switch. It’s a hassle-free process and you don’t have to do anything.
If you are switching providers, you will need to ensure you are out of contract first. Simply call your existing provider or have a look at your last broadband bill.
Yes! We have helped over 100,000 families save money on their bills.

We at Cheapbills have been established as an online comparison website since 2013. However, our mother company, Integral Resource Group has been servicing Australian customers since 2011. We are based in Level 1, 123 York Street, South Melbourne; next to the famous South Melbourne market.

All the broadband providers we work with are reputable and provide high quality customer service. We also have 5-star reviews from our own customers.

Any information you share with us is kept secure and only shared with the retailer you are comfortable to switch to. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

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