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Compare Electricity Queensland

If you live in Queensland or are planning to move here it pays to know how electricity works here. This way you can be sure that you’re getting the right deal for you and you’re also saving money long-term.

So let’s take a short trip around the electricity in Queensland which will give you the essential information you need to choose an electricity provider.

How Much Does Electricity Cost in Queensland?

Back in 2016 in Queensland, electricity became deregulated.This means private providers can set their own prices. As a result this enables more competition. Compare electricity plans here to find the best deal for you. Please keep in mind that the price of electricity is dependent on a number of factors like what type of meter you have, where you live, your provider, and energy consumption.

Queensland Electricity Discounts and Concessions

Pretty much every energy provider in Queensland offers you different types of discounts on your electricity. (link to page that looks at these in more detail). Do your research to see which one gives you the best value and saves you money long-term not just short-term.

In addition to discounts provided by energy providers in Queensland, the Queensland Government also offers a range of electricity concessions and rebates for eligible households in Queensland to help with energy costs. Since 1 July 2017, the Queensland electricity concession has been applied as a daily discount.

Renewable Energy in Queensland

In 2020 The Queensland Government announced a $500 million renewable energy fund to build publicly-owned wind and solar projects as a way to invest in cleaner renewable energy. This of course impacts your electricity bill making it much cheaper in the long-term. Currently biomass which is a major renewable energy source is being used to generate electricity in Queensland.

Peak Demand and Off Peak Electricity Times in Queensland

During times of peak consumption Queenslanders pay more for their electricity usage. Here in Queensland, this tends to be between 4pm and 8pm on a daily basis when appliances like air-conditioners and pool pumps are switched on. Remember we are the sunshine state!

On top of this you have your everyday appliances switched on too like microwaves and the electric kettle further driving peaking demand. In Queensland once or twice a year, there is also a ‘network peak demand’ – days in which extremes of hot or cold occur and households and businesses are going about as usual amongst the intense weather.

In recent years peak demand has grown due to population growth and increase in technological use. As a result electricity distribution companies have had to build more infrastructure like poles and wires. This has increased electricity prices for consumers who naturally are shopping around for better deals. So comparison of different energy providers and their electricity offers has skyrocketed.

Compare Electricity & Gas Plans in Queensland

Are you paying too much for your electricity in Queensland? Or perhaps you just want to see what other deals are out there? Contact the energy comparison experts at Cheap Bills today who will find you the cheapest electricity deal for you.

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