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Understand Electricity Connection Fees

Connection fees are “add-ons” to your regular electricity fees. Some electricity providers will happily waive connection fees. Others won’t. So don’t just assume fees will be waived. Always ask and read on to understand electricity fees.

Different Electricity Connection Fees in Different States

Electricity along with gas is regulated under different laws between the different states and territories in Australia. So, this means the connection fees will be different. Following table include some samples of connection charges that you could typically incur as of 2021.

Distribution Network
Essential Energy
Ergon Energy
SASA Power Networks
Ausnet Services
United Energy
Western Power

Hidden Electricity Connection Fees

Please beware of hidden costs associated with connecting electricity. You may be charged an extra fee if the site of electricity connection needs an order for turn-on-service and is de-energised. In addition, you could be charged a call out fee if a technician is needed to come out for a special meter read service.

Three Day Electricity Connection Rule

Generally speaking, it takes around three business days to get electricity connected to a new residential address. But allow for delays on public holidays and other possible disruptions. For instance, if you’re moving into a newly built home and your builder hasn’t arranged for electricity to be set up your connection will be delayed. Notify your provider at least three days before moving into a new place so they have time to get things connected. If you don’t notify them, you’ll arrive at an unlit home.

Urgent Electricity Connection Fees

You can arrange to get your electricity connected faster by organising an urgent connection which will be done on the same day. However it usually comes with additional fees.

Electricity Connection Fees when Renting

Generally speaking if you’re renting you’ll need to arrange getting electricity connected yourself. In some cases your landlord will arrange for connection. If you’re renting privately then often your landlord will have all connections set up already including gas. Know your tenant rights and understand what fees apply to you and what ones apply to your landlord.

Extension Service Electricity Connection Fees

Depending on the state and the circumstances you may be charged for an extension service fee. This is when additional poles are required to be installed for an electricity connection to reach your property. So always ask your provider up front if you need to pay for this service.

Extra Electricity Fees You May Be Charged!

In addition to the connection fees discussed above keep in mind that energy providers may charge you the following extra fees:

  • Solar meter installation fee. You may get charged this to upgrade your meter for new solar installations to one which can better monitor your solar power production and use.

  • Meter administration/upgrade fee. A one-time cost to change or upgrade your current electricity meter.

  • Special meter read fee. This is a call out fee for sending out a technician to come to your property to do a reading.

  • Payment fees. These include using credit cards, payment processing on late payments, and being charged for being sent a paper bill.

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