How to Switch Internet Providers in Australia

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Are you tired of slow internet speeds and unreliable connections? It may be time to switch internet providers in Australia. With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), there are now more options for fast and reliable internet than ever before. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to switch internet providers in Australia and connect to the NBN.

Why Switch Internet Providers?

Faster Internet Speeds

One of the main reasons to switch internet providers is to get faster internet speeds. With the NBN, you can get speeds of up to 100Mbps, which is significantly faster than traditional ADSL connections. This means you can stream videos, download large files, and browse the internet without any lag or buffering.

More Reliable Connection

The NBN also offers a more reliable connection than traditional ADSL. This is because the NBN uses fibre optic cables, which are less prone to interference and can handle more data. This means you’ll experience fewer dropouts and interruptions, making your internet experience more seamless.

Access to the Latest Technology

By switching to an NBN provider, you’ll have access to the latest technology and equipment. This includes the NBN modem, which is designed specifically for the NBN network and can provide faster and more stable connections. You’ll also have access to the latest Wi-Fi technology, such as Wi-Fi 6, which can provide faster speeds and better coverage.

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The Process of Switching Nbn Providers

Check NBN Availability in Your Area

Before you can switch internet providers, you need to make sure that the NBN is available in your area. You can check this by visiting the NBN Co website and entering your address. If the NBN is available, you’ll be able to see which providers are offering services in your area.

Compare Plans and Providers

Once you know that the NBN is available in your area, it’s time to compare plans and providers. There are many different NBN providers in Australia, each offering different plans and packages. Some things to consider when comparing plans include:

  • Speed: Make sure the plan you choose offers the speed you need for your internet usage.
  • Data allowance: Check the data allowance for each plan to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Contract length: Some plans may require you to sign a contract, while others offer month-to-month options.
  • Additional features: Some plans may include additional features such as a home phone or streaming services.

Reliable companies like Cheap Bills can be a great free resource to help you compare different NBN plans and find the best deal for your area. To contact them, simply sign up at After you sign up, an agent will give you a call to understand your internet needs, clear your confusion and recommend the best plan for your area from Cheap Bill’s diverse panel of internet retailers.

Contact Your Chosen Provider

Once you’ve found a plan and provider that meets your needs, it’s time to contact them to set up your connection. You can usually do this online or over the phone. They will guide you through the process and provide you with all the necessary information and equipment to connect to the NBN.

You can also compare and sign up to a new provider ove the same call with Cheap Bills and you can do it free of any cost.

Set Up Your NBN Connection

Once you’ve signed up with your chosen provider, they will send you a connection kit, which includes a modem and instructions on how to set up your NBN connection. If you’re not comfortable setting it up yourself, you can also opt for a professional installation service for an additional fee.

Connect Your Devices

Once your NBN connection is set up, you can connect your devices to your new network. This includes your computer, phone, and any other devices that require an internet connection. Your provider will provide you with the necessary login information to connect to your new network.

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Tips for a Smooth Transition to the NBN

  • Plan Ahead
    • It’s important to plan ahead when switching to the NBN. This includes checking the availability of the NBN in your area, comparing plans and providers, and setting up your connection in advance. This will ensure a smooth transition and minimise any downtime.
  • Consider Your Internet Usage
    • When choosing an NBN plan, make sure to consider your internet usage. If you’re a heavy internet user, you may need a plan with a higher data allowance and faster speeds. If you only use the internet for basic browsing and streaming, a lower-tier plan may be sufficient.
  • BYO Modem or Buy a New One
    • When switching NBN providers you can choose to use your current modem or buy a new one in case you are looking to upgrade. When you decide to bring your own modem remember to reconfigure it and make sure that it is not locked in with your current provider. 
  • Don’t Forget About Your Home Phone
    • If you currently have a home phone, you’ll need to consider this when switching to the NBN. Some providers offer home phone services as part of their NBN plans, while others may require you to switch to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. Make sure to check with your chosen provider to see what options are available.

Common Questions About Switching Internet Providers in Australia

  1. How long does it take to switch internet providers?

    • The time it takes to switch internet providers can vary, but it usually takes around 3-5 business days. This includes the time it takes to set up your NBN connection and transfer your services from your old provider.
  2. Will I experience any downtime when switching providers?
    • There may be some downtime when switching providers, but it should be minimal. Your new provider will work to minimise any interruptions to your internet service during the transition.
  3. Can I keep my current email address when switching providers?
    • If you have an email address through your current provider, you may lose access to it when you switch providers. It’s best to set up a new email address with a free service like Gmail or Outlook to avoid any issues.


Switching internet providers in Australia is a simple process that can provide you with faster and more reliable internet. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily switch to an NBN provider and enjoy all the benefits of the NBN network.

Make sure to plan, compare plans and providers, and set up your connection in advance for a smooth transition. Lastly, remember to get help from free consulting services like Cheap Bills to smoothen your switching journey.

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