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Cleanest and Cheapest Energy

When you think of energy, what image is conjured up? Massive towers with smoke billowing out of them? Men and women with hard hats, fluoro jackets and coal stained faces? Or do you think of wind turbines and shiny panels on rooftops?

How clean is green?

Whatever you picture, energy is one of the hot topics on everyone’s lips; if not the hottest. With fossil fuels like coal and gas literally dying, what are our alternatives? And are they the cheapest energy?

For centuries, we have been burning coal and gas to generate electricity. Appropriately nicknamed, “dirty energy,” we are not just talking about it being dirty in terms of the amount of carbon and pollution it produces when burned; but dirty in a moral sense, too. Once it’s been burned, it’s gone. You can’t get it back. You can’t reuse it. It is gone, leaving its big dirty footprint on our earth.

In recent years, consumers have been shifting towards wanting and being able to afford cleaner, cheaper energy; energy that is renewable and has low emissions. This means that the footprint is a mere smudge on the earth. Today it is possible to install solar panels on your rooftop and use the energy they produce to run your house. If you have batteries attached to that, you can store the energy and either uses it overnight or sell it back to the grid. The government even incentivize you to do this. According to the Department of Environment and Energy, the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme gives funding to those who are installing solar power into their homes.

But, if solar isn’t an option for you, there are other ways you can make dirty energy a little bit cleaner. Initially, try not to use as much in the first place. This lowers your emissions (what you put back into the environment) and makes your carbon footprint smaller. Or you can purchase your energy from a greener provider.

Whilst energy companies are aware of the damage their products are doing to the environment, there are some that take that a step forward and attempt to make their company, greener. Fossil fuel sources will always be a pollutant, and at some point, they will run out, but for the time being, we are dependent on them. However, according to The Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace in 2018 and Canstar Blue, two of the three major energy companies have committed to providing renewable energy in the future. This means that they are making efforts to be fossil fuel-free as well as encouraging customers to offset their carbon emissions by paying a minimal additional fee that takes out carbon in the air.

It is beyond any doubt that renewable energy is cleaner and better for the environment; but we are not 100% there yet. Until then, it is about ensuring that we all do our bit to reduce our emissions, carbon footprint and investing in greener energy projects.

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