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To Know

Yes. At a very minimum you must have Compulsory Third Party insurance. CTP is also referred to as the vehicles “green slip” and is usually required when you register the vehicle each year. It covers you if you were to have an at fault car accident that involves a third party, including passengers, pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers.

This could be used to pay for any funeral or legal expenses, your day-to-day costs of living, including mortgage or rent or even debt repayments.
The next level up from CTP is Third Party Property Cover. If you were to have an accident where you damaged another vehicle or property, this insurance would cover costs to the third party. It does not cover you for any damage caused to your own vehicle.

Third Party, Fire & Theft covers everything that Third Party Property Cover does, but also gives you peace of mind if your vehicle was stolen or involved in a fire. The top level of cover is known as Comprehensive Insurance. This basically covers every type of damage regardless of if the accident is your fault.
Each insurance company will also provide you with a choice of additional benefits such as new car replacement, hire car, windscreen cover or even protection of your No Claim Bonus. As added extras, they may affect the price of your insurance premium.

In this case, your car will be “written off” and depending on your level of cover, the insurance company will pay you for either the Agreed Value or the Market Value.

An Agreed Value is the price that you set as the value of the car should it be written off, which is then fixed for the duration of the policy. If your car is written off and you have opted for Market Value this will pay you according to how much the car is worth depending on age, condition and make and model.
Will I have to pay an excess?
Yes. The excess is the first amount you must pay before the insurance company will pay for the repairs or replacement. So, if the damage is worth $2,000 and your excess is $500, you would pay the first $500 and the insurance company would pay you the remaining $1,500. This is known as basic excess and is a fixed amount.

Your insurance policy may also stipulate that you pay a voluntary excess in addition to the basic excess if you make a claim. This may make your overall premium lower. If you are under the age of 25 you are classified as an inexperienced driver and so your excess may be higher.

It’s probably a good idea to think about what would happen if your car was involved in an accident or written off, and how this would affect you and your family on a practical level.

  • -Can you afford a higher excess? This could reduce the price of your insurance policy. This would be fine for a newer car as the cost of the car would be significantly higher than the excess you would pay. However, for an older vehicle, the excess may be of similar value to the car and so a higher excess would not be reasonable.

  • -Do you have a significant No Claims Bonus entitlement? It may be worth paying extra on your premium to protect it as losing it in the event of a claim may increase your premium in the following years.

  • -Imagine that you were involved in an accident that meant your car was off the road. Would you need a hire car? Would you need a taxi to and from the smash repairers?

  • -Think about how much and who uses your car. Will this affect your premium? Will where you keep the car make a difference if you have a choice between the road and a driveway?
How much does car insurance cost?
With so many policies and options to choose from, Cheapbills makes it a hassle-free process to find you the best car insurance deal to save you time and money. Call us on 1300 786 045 or complete the online comparison for now.

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