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Do I Need Unlimited Broadband?

If you had to break it down, how long do you think you spend online?  We’re not talking about when you’re out and about; when you’re at home, what are you doing?

Scrolling Facebook or Instagram on your phone?  Kids watching Netflix or Stan?  Checking the tablet for a recipe to cook for dinner? Updating the software on your phone?  It all adds up.

According the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 14.7 million internet subscribers in June 2018.  Just in Australia.  That’s an increase of 3.6% in only 6 months.  And not only are there more internet users, but our behaviours when it comes to how we interact with it are changing, too.

Between June 2017 and June 2018, Roy Morgan reported an increase in Stan users by 39.2%, with Netflix up by 29.9%.  That’s massive, especially considering that Foxtel subscriptions have decreased in this time by 2.7%. The gap is widening.  Less people are watching TV via a satellite service, opting to view via a streaming service.

So, what should you do?  Change your behaviours or change your internet provider?  There is no doubt that internet usage will increase.  As more and more activities, research and work are carried out online, the demand for faster internet and faster capabilities increases.   Changing the way you do things or spend your leisure time is not likely to decrease any time soon, so the best thing to do is check what internet package is best for you.

Unlimited broadband is ultimately a set fee for as much internet as you could possibly want.  Great!  How do I get that?  Unfortunately, not all unlimited broadband deals are created equally.

Can I go month to month?

Yes, but depending on the internet provider, you may pay more per month than if you were to sign up to a contract.

How many devices can I connect?

Again, it depends on the provider.  A mobile broadband modem limits the amount you can connect with, mainly because the speed is slower and having multiple devices will slow the internet down.  The faster the internet speed, the better the modem you need and the more devices you can connect.

Does unlimited mean unlimited?

Yes and no. Some unlimited packages are unlimited but are subject to a fair usage policy.  This means that as long as it is no more than the average Jo Bloggs’ internet usage, then it is unlimited.  This usually restricts what you can download or stream at certain points of the day.  Ever found that your internet is slower at night or in the evenings?  That will be your fair use policy coming into play.

You can get a truly unlimited deal, which means that it is as unlimited as unlimited can be.  The speed is consistent throughout the day and there are no restrictions.

The bottom line is really to read the terms and conditions of the deal you want to sign up with and see exactly what you’re entitled to.  You can find more information on the different broadband packages available at an online comparison site.  Cheap Bills can help you find a better deal on all your broadband and internet services.

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