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How to Compare Broadband Plans

Here at Cheap Bills we take the work out of you having to compare many different broadband plans on your own. We do it for you to make your life easier, saving you time and reducing stress.

Our team has put together this handy and easy to read step by step guide that shows you how to compare broadband plans. So sit back, grab a coffee and read on…

What is Broadband Internet?

Broadband internet generally refers to high-speed internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. The internet comes in two types: wireless internet, that uses mobile networks for connectivity and is portable and fixed line that is a physical cable connected to your property. These are then divided into sub-types – NBN, mobile broadband and home wireless.

How do I Choose the Right Broadband Plan?

It can be overwhelming to choose a broadband plan given all the choices available to you. Our table of broadband plans below gives you plenty to choose from. But we strongly recommend that before you even look at the range of NBN plans on offer that you first ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do I want to pay?

    Price is an important factor to consider. After all that’s what Cheap Bills is all about. Saving you money- getting more bang for your buck! Ensure you pay for what you actually need. Don’t go splurging big bucks on higher speeds and fancier plans if you don’t need it. Instead work out what you need and budget accordingly. Remember broadband plans range from $70 to over $100.

  • What’s a good speed for me?

    The NBN is made up of multiple speed tiers based on household needs- number of people and usage. Picking the right tier matters as it determines what you pay. Faster speeds incur higher costs.

  • How much data do I need?

    Generally you shouldn’t have to worry about this as unlimited NBN plans are very common these days. Keep in mind that if you don’t use more than 100GB or 200 GB a month, you could be able to save with a data-capped NBN plan.

  • Should I lock myself into a contract?

    Signing up to a contract can offer you discounts on modems and plan prices. The downside is that these contracts don’t offer you much flexibility. So decide whether you want to stay on your NBN plan for an extended period of time to get no initial set-up fees or additional costs for modems.

  • Do I need a new modem?

    If you’ve had your existing modem for a while or you’re connecting to the NBN for the first time then chances are high that you’ll need a new modem. See the total cost of your plan, especially if it’s a monthly plan.If it’s higher than your plan cost, then the cost of the modem is probably included. If not you’re being charged an activation or switchover fee. If you’re just switching between NBN providers, by sticking to your current modem you’ll be saving.

  • Do I prefer a certain provider?

    You may prefer a certain brand or have an existing telco or mobile plan in place.Just know that the NBN provides broadband equally to all providers without preference or bias. However do keep in mind that providers vary in customer service and support. If you have an existing plan in place, it can be combined with a new NBN plan. It’s well worth considering looking around for smaller competitor brands that may not be as well known as your bigger brands but still offer great deals.

Compare NBN Plans to Find the Right One

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to compare NBN plans to find the right one for you.

Still unsure about which broadband plan to choose or perhaps you just have questions. Get in touch with our friendly team who can assist. Contact Cheap Bills Today.

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