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Fastest NBN Plans

Let’s face it- speed plays a vital role in choosing internet. There are many NBN plans available but if you’re looking for great speed, we’ll show the fastest NBN plans currently available in Australia.

New and Faster NBN Speed Tiers

The NBN traditionally has consisted of just four different speed tiers (link to page) however with ever increasing advancements in technology there are now the following three super fast speeds. 

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Fastest NBN Plans in Australia

We’ve done our research and have found that the following NBN plans are the fastest in Australia currently. We have categorised them for you into NBN 100, NBN 250 and NBN 1000.

Things to be Aware of with Super-Fast NBN Plans

As a consumer we want you to be as informed as possible with your bills and when it comes to these super-fast NBN speeds and plans presented here it’s important that you are aware of:

  • Speeds not being the same across the same network. An NBN 100 plan on Telstra may be different to an NBN 100 plan with Optus.
  • Speeds will still be affected and be slower during busy hours ie: when everyone is having a Netflix binge.
  • You may be paying for something that you don’t actually need. For instance an NBN 50 plan could be more than enough for you. It’s still pretty fast and saves money.
  • Terms and conditions for these new speeds are relatively still new so make sure you understand what exactly you’re signing up for when taking out one of these plans.
  • 5G – NBN’s competitor is being rolled out across Australia so be sure to stay informed and see which one is the better option for you.
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To learn more about the NBN and its speeds along with which plan is best for you just Contact our highly knowledgeable and friendly team at Cheap Bills.