Save on Your Winter Energy Bill with Our Top 5 Tips

Even during Winter, it’s possible to save on your energy bills – without being left in the cold.

Many homeowners feel the burn of large Winter heating bills that arrive each year. However, there are things that you can do around your home that will make a big difference to your energy savings. Check them out below:Contain Your Hea

1. Contain Your Heat

The most common way to waste energy is by leaving doors and windows slightly open, ignoring drafts and cold spots as well as heating rooms that are not in use.

A well-insulated home easily reduces the amount of money that you spend on both heating and cooling. And although it may seem little, these small efforts help to conserve energy by preventing unnecessary heat loss.

2. Regulate Room Temperatures

Keeping your thermostat set to the ideal room temperature (16-22 degrees Celsius) will ensure that all parts of your home are kept at the same temperature and in return save you money.

3. Make The Most Out of Your Solar

The other option is to use the timers on your thermostat correctly. By setting your thermostat to turn on thirty minutes before you expect to get out of bed in the morning at a lower temperature, is more cost effective than turning it on a high temperature as soon as you are up. Using a timer will also help ensure that your home is warm when you need it the most.Make The Most Out of Your Sola

Did you know that solar panels continue generating electricity in Winter? That is because they generate electricity from light, not heat.

Carrying out regular maintenance of your solar panels to ensure that nothing is casting a shade over them and that they are free from dust and grime will mean that even during the cooler months, you can still be saving money off your bills.Consider Standby Power

4. Consider Standby Power

The average Australian home has 30 devices that constantly draws on standby power. This in turn accounts for approximately 10% of a home’s energy bill. At Cheap Bills, we always recommend that if you are not using an appliance, then you should ensure it is completely turned off.Carry Out Regular Heating Maintenance

5. Carry Out Regular Heating Maintenance

Clogged filters and flutes are the main cause of your heater’s poor performance. It is advised to carry out regular monthly maintenance of your home’s heating supply, even when it is not in use.

Systems that are not regularly maintained can develop mould and collect dust, which in turn reduces its effectiveness to heat your home, not to mention circulate allergens throughout your home.

To find out more information about saving money on your energy bills this Winter, speak with one of our Energy Consultants so that we can find you the best deal in your area, that also suits your family needs.

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