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FAQs for Solar

Why should I be interested in solar energy?

We understand that many consumers are looking for more sustainable and renewable energy options as well as cutting the cost to the household budget. Therefore, we have made a promise to Australian families to cut their energy bill so they can spend money where it is needed the most. Solar energy uses a free power source – the sun – to generate electricity for your property.
According to the Guardian (30 May 2017), of all the electricity produced in Australia in 2016, 17% came from a renewable energy source. This is growing year on year and the fact that it is becoming cheaper to install means that more people are opting to use it.

How does solar energy work?
How do I work out how many panels I’m going to need?
If my energy comes from the sun and not a power station, does this mean I can save money on my electricity bill?
How much will this cost?
But doesn’t solar energy rely on having good weather?
So, the panels are installed on my roof. Is that all the space you need?
That all sounds great, what do I need to do to get started?

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