The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Energy Provider, So You Get The Best Deal

Even if you are an experienced home owner, choosing the right energy provider can be difficult. Many factors go into finding the best plan for you, from where you live to what utilities you use the most.

But regardless of your circumstances, it’s possible to negotiate your way to a better rate- if you ask the right questions.

A better deal is possible if you ask for it. (Not directly, of course, but through subtle questioning tactics). Of all the potential queries to ask your provider, we think these four top the heap to guarantee you the best and cheapest energy plan.

1. Will you match your competitor’s prices?

If you find a lower rate, is your current provider willing to match or beat it? It doesn’t hurt to ask. Companies would usually rather give you a deal than lose your business completely. Even if they won’t match another company’s offer, they might be willing to offer you some other discounts to keep you as a customer.

Additionally, research how your company of choice compares to others regarding structure. While the competitor’s initial offer might sound better, there’s a chance that their other fees (such as late charges, long-term price increases, cancellation fees, etc.) are higher than those of your preferred company- so you might still end up saving money in the long run.

2. What is your pricing

Some companies charge a set rate for kilowatts used per hour while others have surge pricing at different times of the day. (Typically, night and weekend rates are lower while weekdays are the highest.) While certain companies offer introductory rates that increase over time, others always charge new and existing customers the same amounts. You should know exactly what sort of costs you might incur, both initially and later on, before you sign up for any service.

3. Does it cost money to switch plans or cancel my service?

Don’t get stuck paying hidden fees. Many customers stay with unfavourable energy providers only because they don’t want to pay exorbitant cancellation fees (that they may not have realised existed in the first place.) Read the fine print and ask lots of questions to ensure you don’t end up with extra charges should you decide to change providers.

4. Do you offer concession rates or rebates?

If you are a concession card holder, you are entitled to discounted rates with most energy providers. If you are not on concession, you should still ask about any other available discounts or rebate offers. If you have a large family and/or dependants, are retired, disabled or are using energy-saving techniques, you might be eligible. And these aren’t even all the options out there! Rebates are available for all sorts of situations, so see what your provider can do for you!

If you ask your energy provider these four questions, you are sure to get a better rate.

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