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5G vs NBN

The NBN has not even completed its rollout across Australia but already there is a major competitor – the 5G network. It’s  fast becoming available to customers  thanks to service providers like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

What Exactly is 5G?

5G is the latest development in the mobile network, the successor of 4G.  It’s fifth generation technology for broadband cellular networks. It’s about delivering faster internet speeds, more simultaneous connections (different devices in use at same time) and processing a very high volume of data with minimal disruption. Many believe it will come to replace the NBN

Let’s Compare Cost of 5G and NBN in Australia

Price is always important to consider and most often determines what deal you choose. When it comes to 5G and the NBN there isn’t  a huge difference between the two at least for now. This could change of course with upgrades in technology and government infrastructure.  Depending on your service provider, 5G could be cheaper. It’s a matter of doing your research and shopping around. Take a look at our table below that compares some 5G and NBN plans and lists their price.

Let’s Compare Speed of 5G and NBN in Australia

5G is without a doubt  the winner when it comes to speed as it can reach up to speeds of up to 1GBps during peak time. Whereas NBN can only  reach up to speeds of 5 megabits per second. But please keep in mind that with advancements in technology and government infrastructure it could result in much faster NBN speeds. Also keep in mind that speeds (both for NBN and 5G) are heavily determined by a range of factors like network congestion and strength of signal. Here’s a look at both NBN speeds and 5G speeds with different providers.

Let’s Compare Reliability of 5G and NBN in Australia

It’s a bit tricky to determine at least for now  whether 5G or the NBN is more the reliable choice for consumers. Based on our in-depth research we would say that it’s dependent on a variety of factors like your service provider, the type of connection you have, network congestion, your modem and strength of signal. As time goes by we’ll be able to determine better which one is the more reliable one. It may turn out that they are both the same. 

Let’s Compare Accessibility of 5G and NBN in Australia

For now the NBN is more accessible to Australians given that it has been going since 2010 and is due to finish its official rollout sometime in 2021. Whereas 5G remains limited at least for now. 


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