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Let's Compare Telstra and Optus Internet

We compare two of the biggest internet providers in Australia to give you the facts.

Telstra and Optus are the two biggest Australian telcos and so dominate the industry and are well known for their mobile, internet and home phone services. With millions of Australians on their plans and millions of others simply wanting to know more about these two big brands, we decided to put together this guide for you that compares Telstra and Optus internet. We leave it up to you to decide who’s the winner or rather who is more suitable depending on your budget and overall lifestyle preferences.

Telstra Versus Optus on Unlimited Internet

When it comes to having unlimited internet Optus is the winner over Telstra.It offers you a Unlimited NBN Fast Plan for $95 per month (plus setup fees) on a monthly contract. Whereas Telstra’s unlimited plan will cost you $120 per month.

Telstra Versus Optus on NBN

Both Telstra and Optus have eliminated all Basic (NBN 12) plans from options as well as reduce the number of data cap options available.With Telstra you get a little more variety with a lower data option (500 GB) and three speed tiers:
Basic II (NBN 25)
Standard (NBN 50)
Fast (NBN 100).

Optus only offers you unlimited NBN and two speed tiers: Standard (NBN 50) and Fast (NBN 100). Both providers give a 24-month contract and offer low-commitment month to month options on their plans. In addition if you sign up for 24 months, both Telstra and Optus are willing to knock off a good percentage off your setup fees which will help you save some money.

Telstra Versus Optus: Home Wireless Broadband

Optus is preparing for an NBN-free future with its Home Wireless Broadband plans. Telstra offers you the standard mobile broadband plans and a range of 4G/5G hotspots on modems which are of better quality than Optus. You’ll experience less outages too with Telstra. But as a result you’ll pay more. Telstra’s mobile broadband plans start at $15 per month for 5GB, and go up to $79 per month for 200GB. Whereas Optus is much better value for money and offers you more bundles.

Telstra Versus Optus: Internet Bundles and Packages

Both Telstra and Optus offer you a range of internet bundles and packages. With Optus customers can bundle a Fetch Mighty 4K PVR box and one premium Fetch channel pack for an extra $20 per month. Every Optus customer gets access to Optus Sport, the brand’s sports streaming service that has exclusive EPL, UEFA AND FIFA broadcast rights. WithTelstra customers can bundle a variety of Foxtel packages (link to Foxtel parent page).

Telstra Versus Optus: 5G Network

May the best man win or in this case it’s may the best telco win when it comes to the rollout of the much anticipated and awaited 5G network that has so many Australians excited. Early reports suggest that Telstra might have the larger network given its vast ownership but Optus has the better speed. But given the 5G network is still new and still being rolled out across Australia, we’d rather just wait and see before we make a final judgement and tell you which provider is better when it comes to 5G. We think it’s reasonable to say that given that both providers are the major telcos in Australia they’ll have plenty of room to move and evolve with their 5G offers as the technology evolves.

Which One’s Better – Telstra or Optus?

Hopefully you can see by reading our guide that neither Telstra or Optus is better but rather it depends on you, the consumer, your budget, your lifestyle and even your personal preference when it comes to choosing a brand. Many customers go for brands that they know and trust, others go for brands that offer them great customer service and incentives. In all Australia’s two biggest telcos are very similar and you’ll find that many Telstra customers have been Optus customers and vice versa. When it comes to price Optus is cheaper than Telstra but Telstra offers you more deals and packages and is generally more reliable with a service that has less outages.

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