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Business Energy Saving Tips That You Can Apply

Energy can be a surprisingly decent expense for Australian businesses. Learn how you can save on energy costs, leaving more for your business and staff.

We love tips that add value to our lives and when it comes to your business whether you run one or work in one the following business energy saving tips are extremely useful to apply. You’ll be doing your part in making the world a more sustainable place and saving money. It’s a win-win!

Australian Business Energy Costs

Before we dive right in and present our tips, we just want to make you aware if you’re not already aware of the fact that many businesses- both big and small in Australia incur high energy costs and so it makes sense then for these businesses to do all they can in reducing their energy costs. In recent months with COVID lockdowns and working from home, energy costs have dropped but for many they are still high. So start implementing the tips below and you’ll start seeing a reduction in your energy costs.

Perform an Energy Audit of your Workplace

Whether you work from home or in an office, perform an energy audit in which you basically walk around each room and space and see where you are using energy ( both electricity and gas) the most and come up with a list of what you and your work colleagues can do to reduce your energy use. Often it’s simple tweaks like wearing warmer clothing in winter to reduce your heater usage especially using it on higher settings which clock up energy costs fast.

Man checking light as part of business energy saving tips.
Performing an audit of how your workplace uses energy is a great way to identify and save on costs. Even switching to energy efficient LED light bulbs can make a fantastic improvement to your electricity usage.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Office Equipment and Products

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed that there are a wide range of energy efficient products available on the market. These include electronics, lighting, refrigeration etc. Just check the energy rating on equipment and products. Generally you want to go for ones with a five star energy rating. These are the most energy efficient so they will help save you money and energy.

Reduce Peak Demand

Peak demand is the hours in a day when your energy usage is at its highest. Across Australia it varies. However when it comes to business it’s pretty standard and is usually your typical office hours of 9 am to 5 pm. So as a business to get around this consider varying your work times. You can start work earlier and finish earlier. Throughout the day consciously make the effort to conserve energy.

Turn off Lights When not in Use

This should be a no-brainer but you’d be amazed at just how many workplaces have lights on when not in use. Lights stay on in areas like boardrooms and boardrooms when they are not in use. A good option is to install sensor lights to help keep the lights on when needed, but they will turn off automatically when not in use.

Utilise Natural Light

Take advantage of natural sunlight if you hopefully have a workspace that has lots of natural light coming in. Bask in it! On sunny days or just bright days use natural light to illuminate your space. This will save you turning on the lights.

Shut Down Computers and Office Equipment at End of Day

So many workspaces don’t shut down their computers properly. They are on sleep mode or often they are shut but not at the powerpoint. Remember power points left on still give off energy (phantom energy) so it pays to do a walk around at the end of the day and check to see where power points are left on. Apply this tip to your home as most people have power points switched on in their home when appliances and equipment are not in use.

Start implementing these business energy saving tips if you haven’t already and you’ll start seeing a substantial reduction in your energy use and in your energy bills.

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