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How to Connect Electricity

Have you just moved home or are renting and need to get your electricity connected? We’ll show you step by step what you need to do to get connected.

Generally it’s always a good idea to get your electricity sorted before you move in. That way you can enjoy a fully lit-place.

Connecting Electricity when Moving Home

When moving home you can sometimes take your current electricity plan with you but sometimes the plan isn’t available at your new address. This is a good time to do some research and explore some other electricity offers. With so many competitive electricity offers out there it’s possible to find a much better deal than you’re currently on. Whatever electricity provider you choose to go with, you must:

  • Provide your current electricity provider your new address so they can mail your final bill to you. Alternately get it emailed to you.
  • Record your meter readings before you move. This way you can check them against your final bill.
  • Record your meter readings at your new place so you can then compare these against your final bill.
  • Look out for any electrical faults or malfunctions and report within the first 48 hours.

Connecting Electricity when Renting

As a tenant, it’s important to be aware of your rights when moving into a rental property. Different states and territories in Australia have different tenancy laws so ensure you are familiar with them. When it comes to connecting your electricity at your rental property you must:

  • Pay any outstanding electricity bill from your previous rental.
  • Find out if your electricity along with gas and water is separately metered. If there is no separate meter, your landlord must pay all installation and initial costs of connecting electricity along with gas and water.
  • Just like with living in your own property, follow good energy saving tips to do your bit for the environment. 
  • Report any electrical problems and malfunctions ASAP to your real estate agent or landlord if renting privately within 24 to 48 hours to ensure it’s taken care of efficiently.

Connecting Electricity When Buying a New Built Home

A new built home has a certain freshness about it and before moving in you want to ensure that you’ve sorted out your electricity. To this effectively you must:

  • Speak to your builder to ensure that a service line has been installed and further works have been completed to have electricity at the property.
  • Ensure your builder has used a licensed electrical contractor to identify what further worlds need to be carried out at the property.
  • Contact your energy provider to inspect your property before connection takes place.
  • Always report any electrical faults and malfunctions upon moving in. An electrical report may need to be undertaken.

Connecting Electricity When Switching Providers

If your switching energy providers because you’ve found a better deal or perhaps just want better customer service you must:

  • Tell your old provider that you’re switching over to a new provider. Your new provider will then organise the switch over.
  • Keep in mind that switching over can take up to three months (happens next time meter is read).
  • Pay any outstanding bill amounts with your old provider and always aim to give feedbacback to your old provider. Feedback is what helps improve businesses.

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