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How to Switch Electricity Providers

Are you thinking about changing to another electricity provider? It can often be a smart move that saves you much money and gives you a better deal.

However before making the switch there’re a few important things you need to consider. So don’t go changing your electricity provider before reading our handy guide here.

Why Switch Electricity Providers

Moving homes is generally a common reason for changing electricity providers along with other providers. Other reasons include having a bad experience with an electricity provider, wanting to see better ‘deals’ that are out there, getting a more flexible contract etc.

Checklist for Switching Electricity Providers

To help you with switching electricity providers we’ve put together this handy and useful checklist that you should have in place before making the switch.

  • Determine your Energy Requirements

    Your first step should be determining your energy requirements. That is understanding how much electricity you actually require. This will help in selecting the right plan for your needs. Everyone’s electricity usage is different. It also helps to determine how much energy usage you need across the seasons. Do you use more electricity during winter? To get an accurate assessment just compare this year’s bills with last years.

  • Compare a Range of Electricity Plans

    Do your research first and compare a range of electricity plans to select the right one for you. Use our easy to use energy comparison tool (hyperlink when webpage is live) which takes all the work out of having to do it yourself. Remember to take into account factors like:

    • Type of contract (fixed or flexible)
    • Discounts on offer
    • Late payment fees
    • Customer service of provider
  • Be Aware of Any Exit Fees With Your Current Plan

    Review your current electricity plan’s terms and conditions to see if there are any exit fees for cancelling your contract early. Are they fair or are they expensive? Is it worth waiting for your contract to finish by switching over?

  • Pay any Outstanding Bills

    You won’t be able to switch providers if you have any outstanding electricity bills. So ensure you pay these before making the switch. You can however still switch providers even if you haven’t completed your current billing cycle with your existing provider, as long as you don’t have overdue payments. Your final bill could take up a few weeks to be issued after the switch date.

  • Know How Much Money You’ll Be Saving with Your New Provider

    You want to ensure that you’ll be getting good value for your money with your new provider. After all, what’s the point in switching providers if you’re gonna be paying more right? So make sure you understand your new usage rates and discounts and how they differ from your old plan.

  • Confirm When the Switchover Happens

    Please keep in mind that switching over to a new electricity provider won’t happen overnight. Rather it can take up to three months depending on your next meter read. You can request a special meter read which will occur much sooner but you’ll need to pay a callout fee.

  • Jot Down Your New Electricity Provider’s Billing Cycle

    It pays to stay on top of bills not just to avoid late payment fees but also to be informed of any changes happening to your electricity. By taking note of your energy provider’s billing cycle you’ll be a step ahead. Consider downloading your energy provider’s app, signing up to their e-newsletter, and visiting their website. You can even set up alerts to remind you when your bill is due. In addition stay informed of any changes to electricity pricing and billing in the media–television, radio, newspaper etc.

Ready to make the switch?

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