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How Long does it take to switch energy providers

If you’re wanting to change energy providers or simply just want to find out more about what’s involved you’ve come to the right place. Below we explore a couple of different scenarios and show you how long it takes to switch energy providers.

Making the Switch to a New Energy Provider

The fact of the matter is you can switch to a new energy provider online in a few minutes by simply filling in your details. However the actual process behind the scene often takes longer. This can be anywhere from 30 days and sometimes more depending on any possible delays. You need to allow for this time period for your account to be transferred to your new energy provider. Keep in mind that switching to a new provider may require a credit check (to see if you have outstanding debts and payments)

Meter Reading and Switching Energy Providers

Keep in mind that when switching to a new energy provider your meter plays a part in determining how long it takes to make the switch. That is your old energy provider must schedule a final meter reading before the transfer can offer. A meter reading can take as little as a week, or it could take up to three months before your new energy provider takes over your account.

After your final meter read, your previous provider will send you a final bill for the previous quarter. But  all electricity and gas usage since your previous meter read is charged by your new provider.

Smart Meters and Switching Providers Faster

If you’re signed up to monthly billing and have a smart meter then your meter could  be read every month instead of the usual three months with an analogue meter. In this case, you’ll  be able to switch providers faster. You can find the date of your next meter reading on your most recent energy bill (electricity or gas) on the last page.

When is the Best Time to Switch Energy Providers?

As a general rule if you want to switch energy provider as quickly as possible try to line it up with your next meter read. A week before your meter is due to be read, contact your new energy provider and inform them that you want to switch. This gives plenty of notice to your previous energy provider and ensures you’re no longer stuck with an old deal that you don’t want.

When is the Best Time to Switch Energy Providers?

Moving House and Switching Energy Providers

Moving house is often one of the most common reasons why people switch energy providers. In order to do it right to ensure a smooth and hassle free process contact your old provider and give them at least three day’s notice that you want to end your contract. Your existing provider will send someone out to do a final meter read. This may incur a special meter read fee.

Compare Energy Plans

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