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How to find a cheaper energy plan

It’s only natural to shop around to find the best deal and save money and when it comes to your energy plan you want to ensure you have the right plan that suits your needs and your budget.

Shopping Around For an Energy Plan

When shopping around for a cheaper energy plan it’s important to take into consideration the following points:

Figure out Your Energy Requirements

This should be your first step as once you know or at least have a decent idea of how much energy (both electricity and gas) you use then you can find a plan that matches your usage requirements. To help you with this consider:

  • How many electric appliances do you use? Heavy, moderate or light use?
  • Do you have a mix of electric and gas in your home?
  • How many people are in your household and what’s their energy consumption?
  • Do you have solar panels installed?
  • Are you environmentally conscious with your energy usage?

Check your Energy Contract and Plan

Many people surprisingly don’t even check or to be more accurate understand their energy contract and plan. Do you even know what is meant by paying per energy unit? Daily surcharge? Deregulated energy? Many people don’t or they just pretend to know. But understanding these terms makes all the difference as it shows you  exactly what you’re paying for and what exactly you’re saving money on. Check out what this jargon means or ask your provider to explain these recurring terms in a simple language. Even a teenager should be able to understand it!

Compare Energy Plans

Once you’ve done the above steps, you’re now ready to start compare energy plans to see which one suits your energy usage requirements and suits your budget. Check out our great range of energy plans here which are the most updated.

bundle utlities and save

Consider Bundling Your Electricity and Gas Together

In some cases bundling your electricity and gas together from the one energy provider can save you money. But don’t just assume it as many consumers do, contact your energy provider.  Also take a look at some electricity and gas bundles here. Always make sure that with whatever bundle is on offer that it’s saving you money long-term not just short-term. Many offers just save you a little money short-term, but nothing long-term. You may want to consider if it’s worth it.

Peak Usage Times For Energy

It’s helpful to keep in mind peak usage times when shopping for a cheaper energy plan as no matter how ‘cheap’ your plan is, energy providers still charge you more during peak usage times. This is when there is higher demand for energy and so more people are using it. So, when you get your bill and it’s a bit higher than usual do take into consideration that it may be due to peak usage. Generally, energy providers don’t offer you discounts for peak usage.

Energy Made Easy

Comparing energy plans is super easy with Cheap Bills, your comparison experts in Australia are dedicated to bringing you the best deals which are also the most current.  Why not speak to us and find out how we can assist you in finding the right energy plan for you? Contact Us Today.