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I’ve heard of dual fuel. Is that something I should have?

Well it’s only something you should have if you have gas AND electricity. So, if you only have electricity or if you only have gas, then this article is not for you. But, if you have both, then read on and save some money!

Both gas and electricity bills outline the charges for supply and usage. Supply is the fee for the connection to the grid for electricity or the mains for gas and vary according to the state or territory you are in. The usage charge relates to how much energy you have used and can also be variable based on the tariff you are on.

I’ve heard of dual fuel. Is that something I should have?

You may receive your electricity from one company and gas from another. Or you could have dual fuel where your gas and electricity are provided by the same retailer. There are plenty of benefits to being on dual fuel.

  • Firstly, you will only get one bill

    You don’t have to keep tabs on whether you’ve received the gas bill and paid it; or try to remember that the electricity bill was already paid last week. It will all appear in one envelope (or email) as a statement of your usage and the total amount to pay.

  • You might even get a discount

    Most retailers who provide you with dual fuel will give you money off your bill, making your total energy costs cheaper. And like other bills you may even get the usual pay on time and direct debit discounts as well.

  • One of the biggest positives of dual fuel is having one point of contact

    If you need to contact your energy supplier, whether gas or electricity, it will always be the same company. So much less hassle if you have to deal with repairs, complaints and payments. Amongst the busyness of life, you’ll find this a convenient and time saving opportunity.

But dual fuel may not be right for everyone. It’s really important to consider whether this will be the best option for you. The best way to do this is to look at your current bill for both gas and electricity and see how much you are paying. Also take into consideration whether your home is a large household or a small household as this will have an impact on how much your overall charges are.

Next take a look at other energy retailer’s rates and see whether you can get it cheaper, or if it’s more economical to stay put. And even if they are offering a cheaper rate, will they still offer you a level of customer service that you are happy with.

Okay, but this does sound like a lot of hassle and effort to figure out if it’s worth switching gas and electricity providers. That’s why energy comparison companies such as Cheap Bills are here to do all the leg work for you to find the best energy supplier for you.

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