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Why switch energy provider

Ever looked at your bill and thought it was high? Or that in comparison to this time last year it was a bit steep? What did you do? Pay it and carry on? It doesn’t have to be like that.

With energy you are in control and have the power to change your bill. Imagine having a little more each month to spend on you and your family.

There are several reasons for thinking about switching your energy provider and whilst price is a key motivator, it isn’t the only one.

  • Customer Service

    Everyone loves receiving good customer service; a friendly voice on the end of the phone who makes you feel as though they are going above and beyond to help you. If you’ve had a less than positive experience, dealing with that organisation, no-less paying one of their bills, can leave a bitter taste.

  • Tariffs

    Energy retailers offer fixed and variable rates. A fixed rate means the cost of energy will remain the same no matter the time of day; whereas with a variable rate, the cost will fluctuate whether it is on or off-peak. Depending on your individual usage and lifestyle, you may find that one is a cheaper gas/electricity rate.

  • Discounts & Rebates

    Some States and Territories offer a rebate based on your circumstances, so it is well worth checking out online to see if you are entitled to one. However, there are other ways to get some money off your bill.

    You may get a reduction for paying by direct debit or getting both gas and electricity from the same provider. Some offer a discount for getting your bill by email and if you always pay the full amount on time, you may also get money off.

  • Loyalty Points

    Some of the major reward programs may also have connections with energy retailers. Loyalty points may be earned on the money you pay for your gas or electricity. If this is the case, the points you claim could be worth a considerable amount to you and you may consider switching provider to take advantage of this.

  • Green Energy vs Dirty Energy

    You may want to switch supplier if they have pledged to support greener energy emissions. This may not save you much money, if any, but will be a more environmentally conscious effort to change provider.

    However, as much as it could be good to switch energy provider, there are a few things to consider.

    1. The electricity or gas you receive remains the same. You don’t need new pipes or wires. Nothing physical changes. Just the organisation you are paying the bill to.

    2. Check with your current provider to ensure you are not tied up in a lock-in contract, or that you must pay exit fees. If this is the case, you may want to consider waiting until you are off contract as it could cost you more money than you want to save.

    3. Do you have solar power? You will want to check that the new provider is solar power compatible.

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