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4 Ways To Save Energy in Australia Over The Hot Summer Months

While you may have had a few months in the spring of lower utility bills after a winter of running the heater, the summer season, in which running an air conditioner can push the bills the bills right back up again is approaching.

To keep these increases in check, there are several tips and tricks you can employ with your other appliances that can help to run them more efficiently and reduce the cost per kilowatt that you pay for running them. Additionally, these measures can reduce the demands placed on your air conditioning system, which can dramatically decrease the cost of running it.

  • Set the timers on your washing machine and dishwasher for “off-peak” billing hours

    In the summer, the highest demand for electricity during the day runs from the early afternoon into the evening. It is during this “peak demand” period that the cost of kilowatts is at its highest, while kilowatt charges during the late night and early morning hours are at their lowest. Timing the operation of laundry and the dishwasher for off peak hours can save up to 67 percent versus peak use charges.

  • Stop preheating your oven

    Ovens reach designated cooking temperatures so quickly that preheating is no longer required for the vast majority of dishes. Eliminating the preheating routine results in less energy consumption by the oven as well as lower heat emissions, which reduces demand on the air conditioner.

  • Whenever possible, cook with a microwave or toaster oven

    Both of these ovens use energy more efficiently than an oven while also emitting less heat, which lowers the demand on the air conditioner.

  • Cook outside

    Cooking dinner in the kitchen uses energy at its highest cost and generates heat that requires the air conditioner to consume more energy, also during the period of highest kilowatt charges. One solution to this double kick to your energy bills is to grill outside. While grills are great for meat, fish and chicken, they can reach temperatures over 750 degrees, which makes them suitable for cooking a variety of dishes that would normally be prepared in the oven, including wood fired pizza.

These steps can help to minimize time that would otherwise be spent cooking in a hot kitchen. Additionally, you’ll spend less on utility bills through improved efficiencies in energy consumption, reduced kilowatt prices, and less demand on your air conditioning system.

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