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Cheap NBN Plans in Australia

NBN now available to most Australians and on track to be fully rolled out in 2021, it’s good to know what plans are on offer and which are the cheap ones. Here at CheapBills we have compiled a list of the the latest and cheap NBN deals.

The NBN Explained

The NBN stands for the National Broadband Network and is Australia’s largest ever technological project to date. It’s now a decade old having begun back in 2010 but has faced several setups and delays and hence why it’s still not fully completed. Some areas still don’t have NBN coverage. To check if NBN is available in your area just enter your address in the address tool  here.

Downsides to Cheap NBN Plans

It’s important to know that cheap NBN plans come with downsides– slower speeds and lower monthly data allowance. However this doesn’t have to be the end of the world as you may be someone who doesn’t mind about these two factors. In this case a cheap NBN plan is ideal for you.  Besides the good thing with most of these NBN plans is that you won’t be locked into a contract. This means you have the flexibility of changing to a new plan fairly easy without penalties.

Cheap NBN Plans in 2021

Okay let’s dive right in and take a look at the cheap NBN plans currently available in Australia. The below diagrams/tables bring you the most updated plans. Some are crazy cheap-starting at just $30 dollars a month!

NBN Four Speed Tiers

The NBN is categorised into the below speed tiers which are important for you to take into consideration when choosing a plan. As mentioned the cheaper your NBN plan is the slower is the speed.

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Start saving money with a cheap NBN plan but still enjoy good internet. If you still need information about NBN or just not sure what NBN plan is best for you Contact Cheap Bills.Our friendly team is here to assist you with all your questions.