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How to Connect to NBN?

To be able to connect to the NBN there are a few things you must take into consideration. To make it easier for you we’ve put together this handy four step guide that shows you what exactly you need to do to get connected to NBN.

Step 1. Check When NBN Installation Takes Place in Your Area

Getting connected to the NBN is determined by your location and when installation takes place. Your area might already have been connected to the NBN network. To check if it’s connected or to find out when installation takes place just enter your address in the check your address tool here.

This will automatically tell you if you’re connected or not. It will also tell you about any possible delays in your area.

Step 2. Contact Your Retail Service Provider for NBN Connection

Once you’ve checked your address, you’ll be told whether you need a: wireless, wired or satellite connection.

The type of connection will determine the type of equipment you need to access the NBN.

To get this set up you must contact your retail service provider of choice. Making the switch to NBN won’t happen automatically. Your retail service provider must be contacted.

If you are renting your landlord should do this on your behalf or just liaise and discuss it with them. In particular discuss the best location for equipment required.

Some retail service providers allow self-installation and others will arrange for a technician to come out and set up the connection for you.

Note – Free installation is given in some special medical cases to ensure your phone and medical alarm is connected to the network as quickly as possible.

You must speak to your retail service provider if you believe you come under this category.

Step 3. Ensure all your Devices are NBN Ready and Upgraded

You need to realise that it’s not just your phone and internet that will be affected by the rollout of the NBN.

Your other devices that rely on the current copper network will also be affected.

These include: various alarm systems including medical alarms, fire indicator systems, EFTPOS machines, health claim terminals, fax machines and more.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that when the switch is made that these devices are NBN ready and are upgraded to the new network.

If not, they will cease to work as they won’t be compatible with the new network.

Please note that you generally have about 18 months from when your area has been connected to the NBN, before your old internet and phone services are disconnected.

Please also note that if you are connecting to the NBN via satellite or wireless services, the copper network won’t be disconnected from you.

Always contact your retail service provider for more information along with the NBN.

In some cases, you may also need to contact the manufacturer of your devices for additional information.

Step 4. Be Prepared and Stay Informed about the NBN

By being prepared (follow our steps) and staying informed about the NBN you have a much better chance of switching over to NBN with less stress and more satisfaction.

Remember that you’ll be notified by the Australian Government long before the switch to the new network happens.

In the meantime, or at any stage if you’re ever unsure about anything or just want to follow up just contact your local service provider or the NBN network.

In addition, keep an eye out on any updates in the media – television, radio, and social media.

For more information on the NBN as well as getting the right NBN provider for you, contact our friendly team at Cheap Bills who are ready to assist you.

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