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5G Versus 4G- Which One’s Better

When it comes to 5G and 4G there are notable differences between the two. As a consumer it’s important to know these differences so you can make a better informed decision about which one is best for you.

Quick Overview of 5G and 4G

5G is the latest development in the mobile network, the successor of 4G. It’s fifth generation technology for broadband cellular networks. It’s about delivering faster internet speeds, more simultaneous connections (different devices in use at same time) and processing a very high volume of data with minimal disruption. 4G is the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology, succeeding 3G.

Let’s Compare Cost of 5G and 4G in Australia

Price is always important to consider and most often determines what deal you choose.Initially just like with every new product and service 5G will be more expensive than 4G.Remember it’s still fairly new in Australia and is still being rolled out. However by doing your research and shopping around you’ll find the right 5G deal for you. Take a look at our table below that compares some 5G and 4G plans and lists their price.

Let’s Compare Speeds of 5G and 4G in Australia

Without a doubt 5G takes out the award for speed over 4G any day. It’s  100 times faster than 4G. 5G can operate at frequencies of 30GHz and 300GHz1.  Whereas 4G can only go up 6GH.


Let’s Compare Reliability of 5G and 4G in Australia

Being a new technology 5G will free up much more bandwidth allowing for extra devices to be used at the same time without affecting the speed. The 4G network is much more congested and slower so users can experience disruptions when multiple devices are in use. So this  means that 5G is indeed more reliable as you can expect less dropped connections and dont need to worry about how many devices are connected to the network.

Let’s Compare Accessibility of 5G and 4G in Australia

For now 4G is definitely more accessible and more in use by consumers as it’s been around for a while. Whereas 5G remains limited at least for now.  In Australia it’s currently just Telstra, Optus and Vodafone who  have started rolling out their 5G network.


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