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How to Compare Business Electricity Plans

To help Australian business owners, we’ve put together this handy guide that shows you how to compare business electricity plans effectively.

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant, or any other business in Australia, electricity is of prime importance especially with rising energy costs in recent years. Many business owners across Australia are sometimes paying more than they should for their electricity. So to help business owners, we’ve put together this handy guide that shows you how to compare business electricity plans.

Australian Businesses and Their Electricity

As any business owner would know, having a good electricity deal is paramount to running a successful  business both from home and on site. Your electricity controls so many essential functions. Without it you just couldn’t run your business. More and more businesses in Australia have become ‘energy savvy’ by being more deliberate about their energy usage doing what they can to decrease their overall energy usage. Many businesses, especially larger ones have trained their staff to be more ‘ energy conscious’.

Let’s Compare Business Electricity Plans

When it comes to electricity plans business owners have several different needs to those of residential customers so it’s best to just have a comparison of business electricity plans.

Consider an Energy Provider that Just Serves Business Customers

You may not even realize but there are a number of energy providers across Australia that just serve business customers and so tailor-make electricity plans for business owners. The advantage of these over the other general energy providers is that they just deal with business owners so understand the needs of business electricity customers better. In addition, some of them may also provide you with a  personal account manager so you always have a specific contact to get in touch with. Some of the energy providers in Australia  that deal just with business owners are:

  • QEnergy
  • Blue NRG
  • Commander
  • Powerdirect
  • ERM Power
  • Next Business Energy

Get a Business Electricity Incentive with your Energy Provider

Some energy providers ( general ones not exclusive ones mentioned above) offer business customers specific energy rates tailored to the business and others operate on a personalized basis where electricity rates are negotiated on a customer’s specific needs. In addition, some providers will give businesses extra incentives for doing their part in being ‘energy-savvy’ and responsible. So do your research and ask around.

Consider an Energy Audit for Your Business

Along with your business energy providers, some of your general energy providers can also undertake an energy audit for your business. This is an excellent way of understanding your electricity usage and how to better manage it. It’s worthwhile to have an energy audit conducted at least every 6-12 months. So when comparing business electricity plans check to see if they offer a business energy audit. Even if you choose not to have one conducted, it may still be a good option to have. Who knows you may end up having one conducted down the road so keep your options open.

Consider Qantas Points on Offer with your Electricity Plan

If you’re a Qantas customer you may want to consider an electricity plan that gives you Qantas points. Business customers can earn 10,000 bonus Qantas points with some energy plans. Sometimes bundling your gas with electricity can also help you earn extra Qantas points, sometimes up to  5,000 Qantas points. So when comparing business electricity plans do take into consideration any Qantas points you’re able to earn.

Consider Customer Service of your Electricity Provider

It’s fair to say that customer service even in this digital era is still important and when it comes to your business you want to ensure especially during times of errors and issues with your electricity that you’ve properly looked after. This is where good customer service comes in handy. If you go for an electricity provider that offers you a great deal but gives you poor customer service, it might be better to go with a more expensive provider but one which offers good customer service.

Consider How Much You’re Paying for your Business Electricity

Ultimately it all comes down to cost- that is how much you’re paying for your business electricity. This is very much a personal choice as every business is different so the electricity usage will be different. We wouldn’t like to say go for this provider as it offers the cheap electricity rate for your business. Rather than being a comparison website, we like to present you with the cheaper electricity plans but also the best ones that offer you good incentives and deals.

Still, having trouble choosing an electricity business plan? Just speak to our highly friendly and super helpful team at Cheap Bills who exist to help you compare and find the best plans. Get in touch with us today and we promise you’ll be more clear about which electricity plan to choose for your business.