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How to Cancel Your Energy Contract

A straightforward guide on how to cancel your energy contract.

If you need to cancel your energy contract, it’s important that you go about it the right way to minimise any possible hiccups and delays. We’ve outlined here in simple language what’s involved in cancelling your energy bill. You’ll see it’s a pretty straightforward process!

The first need you’ll need to do to cancel your contract is to contact your energy provider online or over the phone to let them know that you want out. Most providers will require at least three days notice. They will organise a final meter read and disconnection on the nominated date. If you have a smart meter all this can be done remotely making your cancellation super easy.

If you have a standard traditional analogue meter, you’ll probably require someone to physically attend your property. You’ll then receive one last electricity bill from your provider based on the final meter read, plus any extra fees for the disconnection.

Solar panel panels on contract that are on an Australian home.
Rural and city dwelling Australians are trying to save a dollar, whether that's through solar, water tanks or cancelling their energy contract and moving to a better provider. Better deals often exist for gas and electricity, which is why it is well worth reguarly comparing energy providers to find a better deal.

Exit Fees for Cancelling Energy Contracts

Most of the retailers in Victoria, NSW, QLD and SA do not usually charge exit fees for residential customers. This can vary for larger commercial clients.

What about Disconnection Fees?

When cancelling your energy contract you’ll be charged a disconnection fee which is a fee that pays for the cost of disconnecting a property from the energy grid. Unlike an exit fee which is charged by your energy provider, a disconnection fee is charged by your distributor. Depending on your location the fee will vary and can cost anything from $10 to around $90.

Cooling Off Period with Energy Contracts

If you’re switching energy providers (link to above page once site active) you’re generally given a 10 day ‘cooling-off period’ after switching. This means you’ll have 10 days to cancel your energy contact after signing up, without being bound the terms and conditions of the contract. Remember if your switching providers your new provider will contact your old provider to cancel your contract and organise the account to be transferred.

Energy Providers Enticing You to Come Back

Please be aware that after cancelling your energy contract that you may be contacted by your provider at a later date to entice you to come back. This can be annoying and make your provider even appear ‘desperate’. However just be polite and hear them out (they may in fact have an amazing offer which is too good to say no to). If you’re not interested, just politely decline!

Too Complex? Not Enough Time? Want Someone to Do It for You?

Dealing with energy providers can be painful for some. Whether you don’t have the time yourself or the headspace to deal with the complexity of changing providers, we can help by handling the process for you. Our team are here to help you with comparing and finding the best deals on energy. Get in touch with us today by calling us on 1300 786 045.