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Life insurance provides a sum of money to your family or loved ones should something life-altering happen to you. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that if you were to become ill or disabled, or even pass away, that your family will be able to cope financially by providing them with a lump sum payment.

This could be used to pay for any funeral or legal expenses, your day-to-day costs of living, including mortgage or rent or even debt repayments.
It depends on what type of policy you take out.

Term Life Insurance pays a lump sum to your spouse or dependents when you pass away.

Trauma Cover pays a lump sum to you if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. This includes, strokes, heart attacks and cancer.

Income Protection covers you if you become ill or suffer an injury that means you are unable to work for the time it takes you to recover. It usually pays up to 75% of your regular earnings.

Total & Permanent Disability is paid out as a lump sum if you became so ill or injured that you were unable to return to work.
Unfortunately, private health insurance only covers your time you are in hospital, plus any treatment you may need to have. If because of your illness or injury you need more long-term care or adjustments made to your home, private health insurance will not cover this.

Therefore, trauma cover will give you a payout that could go towards the support you may need; and particularly if you are unable to return to work, will provide some much-needed financial support.
Not necessarily. There are many insurers who do not request a medical examination prior to the cover commencing. Usually, however, if you do have an existing injury or illness, the provider may ask you to pay more for your premium or add an “exclusion” to your cover. This means that if your death is related to your pre-existing condition, you will not be covered.
Can I claim my life insurance premium as a tax deduction?
It is always best to check with your financial advisor to see if you are eligible.
Here at Cheapbills, we will ask you a range of questions to determine what your needs are. Once we have a better understanding of what you and your family need from a life insurance policy, we will search our providers for the best deal for you.

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