Energy Australia: Why Are They Such a Large Energy Provider?

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Tier 1 energy providers are Australia’s largest energy retailers. Although there are only three of them, they comprise almost 80% of the market share.

As one of Australia’s leading energy companies, Energy Australia provides electricity and gas to millions. The reason they are large is also the reason they are successful: their generation assets. Energy Australia has an impressive range of generation assets. These give Energy Australia the edge in the energy market, powering homes and businesses.

But what are generation assets, and how do they contribute to power provider success?

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Power Plants

Power plants are vital for Energy Australia. They generate electricity. The plants use a variety of sources, including coal, gas, and renewable energy.

Energy Australia has a range of plants across Australia. The Yallourn Power Station in Victoria is one of the largest power plants in Australia. It is crucial for meeting Victoria’s power demands.

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Energy Australia has responded to the growing demand for renewable energy. They have numerous renewable energy projects, including solar and wind farms.

They have also been reducing carbon emissions and providing cleaner energy to consumers. The Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm in SA can power over 40,000 homes.

Energy Infrastructure

They also have a system comprising transmission lines, substations, and distribution networks. Energy Australia understands the need for these systems to deliver electricity to businesses and homes.

They constantly invest to ensure they can successfully supply energy to their customers.

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Innovation and Technology

Energy Australia invests in smart grid technology to enhance energy network management. Smart Technology makes it easier for customers to know their energy usage and costs.

Energy Australia is exploring new technologies, including:

  • Battery storage
  • Virtual power plants

These enhance Energy Australia’s production and sustainability capacity.

Future Plans

Energy Australia is looking for ways to expand in response to growing energy demand. Currently, they plan to invest in new power plants. Energy Australia is looking to increase its renewable energy portfolio. They plan to build new solar and wind farms.

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The Benefits of Generation Assets for Energy Providers: 

They have many benefits and are vital in helping people choose their energy plan.


Generation assets enhance supply reliability. These assets ensure good energy connection even during peak usage periods or during power outages.

Cost Stability:

These assets give Energy Australia more control over energy rates and electricity prices. Cost control can enhance price stability for customers. This means energy prices are more stable.


Having diverse assets lets Energy Australia adapt to market conditions. They allow Energy Australia to slowly transition to clean energy solutions without losing their reliable and cheap energy.

Environmental Sustainability:

Having pre-existing renewable energy sources makes it easier for companies to hit clean energy targets while appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Community Engagement:

These assets, particularly wind and solar farms, provide opportunities for community engagement. Beyond job opportunities, the systems can create education initiatives, investment opportunities and potential partnerships.

Energy Independence:

These assets give Energy Australia independence from electricity suppliers. Energy Australia has greater price control and is less influenced by market conditions.  As a result, they can offer cheap electricity prices. This can potentially reduce your energy bill and help you save on electricity.

The key benefits of Energy Australia with their Generation assets include:

  • Reliable energy
  • Stable electricity costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Sustainable energy options
  • Economic benefits
  • Potential energy connection advancements

As you can see, the assets of large providers can benefit customers looking to switch energy providers. However, considering various factors is crucial, including your energy consumption, energy prices, and availability.

Energy Australia’s assets are a huge factor in its success. They enable them to provide reliable and sustainable energy, making them well-equipped to meet Australians’ energy needs.

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