Dodo: An Outline of Broadband Plans and Prices

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If you’re in the market for a new Internet Service Provider, then Dodo is a good candidate. They offer a range of Broadband NBN plans at competitive prices—making them a highly preferred Australian provider. This article will outline Dodo’s broadband plans, providing an overview to assist you when choosing your next internet provider.  

Why Choose Dodo?

Before diving into Dodo’s prices, let’s look at what makes the company so popular in Australia. 

Reliable Service 

Dodo maintains a dependable service and strong network, meaning there are minimal delays to network speeds. They are viewed as a reliable service provider.  

Competitive Prices

Dodo’s prices make it an affordable option for many households. They offer a range of plans to suit consumers varying budgets and internet needs.  

Bundling Options

Dodo has bundling options—allowing customers to combine internet services with other services, including mobile, home phone, electricity, and gas. Bundling introduces discounts that can significantly reduce household costs while helping you stay connected.  

Dodo Broadband Plans and Prices

Now, let’s look at Dodo’s various broadband plans and prices. 

NBN Plans

Plan Summary 







  • 15Mbps download  speeds; & 
  • 4Mbps upload speeds 
  • 25Mbps download speeds; & 
  • 4Mbps upload speeds. 
  • 50 Mbps download speeds; & 
  • 17Mbps upload speeds. 
  • 100Mbps download speeds; & 
  • 17Mbps upload speeds. 


  • 200Mbps download speeds; & 
  • 21Mbps upload speeds. 



  • $55 per month 
  • $65 per month 
  • $80 per month 
  • $95 per month 
  • $110 per month 

NBN Plans

Dodo offers a range of NBN plans with different speed tiers and data allowances to suit your needs. Contract lengths vary, with 12 – month contracts, 24 – month contracts and no lock in contracts. Here are the current NBN plans and prices offered by Dodo: 

ADSL Plans

ADSL Plans

NBN isn’t available nationally; Dodo still maintain ADSL plans. ADSL plans use phonelines to delivery internet. These plans cost less than NBN plans, starting at just $30 per month. However, it must be noted that ADSL internet speeds vary by location and are typically slower then NBN processing speeds.  

Dodo also offers bundling options for ADSL plans, including a home phone line and unlimited local calls.  

Here are the current ADSL plans and prices offered by Dodo: 

  • 101GB Standalone: minimum monthly fee of $20  
  • Metro Unlimited Standalone: Minimum monthly fee of $30. 
  • 101BG Bundle: Minimum monthly fee of $50  
  • Unlimited Bundle: Minimum monthly fee of $60.  

It must be noted that minimum costs do not include any add-ons, promotions or discount offers, and month-to-month contracts exclude modem costs, incurring an additional fee of $120.
 These plans do not include calls. However, call packs can be purchased and used with other call packs or standalone packs—they can be cancelled anytime. Call Packs include: 

  • Unlimited call packs:  local, national, and mobile calls are $10 monthly.  
  • International Landline pack: 2000 minutes to landline phones in the top 25 countries is $15 monthly.   
  • International & mobile pack: 2000 minutes to landline and mobile phones in the top 25 countries is $20 monthly.

Mobile Plans

Mobile Plans

Mobile broadband plans are also available. The plans start at $10 a month for 2GB of data, with the top plan being $35 a month for 45GB. These plans are the perfect option for those who require internet on the go. Premium mobile broadband plans include data banking, international call credit, unlimited national calls, and SMS. 

Bundle Deals

Bundling is also available to customers wanting to combine internet, home phone, and mobile broadband connections. Through connecting multiple devices, customers can save; Dodo’s bundling deals discount prices, providing a more cost-effective methods of obtaining services. Bundle deals also include unlimited local and international calls to select countries.  

Additionally, if customers bundle Electricity, Gas and NBN with Dodo, the company will discount $10 per month off plans in Victoria and New South Wales. The same applies in Queensland, where utility bundling will get consumers a $5 per month discount on Dodo plans. However, services and devices connected must be registered to the same address. 

Additional Charges

It is important to note that there may be additional charges, including: 

  • Setup fees 
  • Modem fees 
  • Early termination fees 
  • Excess data charges 

It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for any NBN or utility providers. Customers must also be aware that slower speeds and maximum speeds to vary by location—super fast speeds are only available with premium plans.  

How to Sign Up:

Ready to sign up? Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Visit Dodo’s website and select your desired broadband plan. 
  2. Click “Sign Up” and follow the website prompts, entering personal information. 
  3. Add any additional services or equipment, including a modem or home phone. 
  4. Ensure you review the terms and conditions before clicking “Submit” to complete your sign-up. 

Once you sign up, Dodo will arrange to install your broadband service and equipment. 

Customer Service and Support 

Dodo maintains an online support centre with articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help resolve common issues. They also have a dedicated customer service team who are available 24/7.  


Dodo is a top choice among Australian consumers for a reason. They offer a range of broadband plans at varying prices—appealing to consumers with various needs. Dodo is known for their reliable service and competitive prices, with the bonus of bundling options.  

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