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Australians love our mobile phones, we use them for an average of 5.5 hours every single day, for everything from checking what time the local pizza shop closes, to daily news and gossip, connecting with loved ones and keeping on top of work.

With so much of our lives dependent on our phones, it’s important to make sure you compare mobile data plans to find the best value for your money. But with over 50 retailers to choose from, a phone plan comparison Australia can be easier said than done!

Phone Plan Comparison Australia

Here are some things to think about when you compare phone plans:

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  • Should I Get A New Phone, Or Can I Use My Old One?

Lots of mobile providers do SIM-only plans where you can bring your own phone and simply put in their SIM card.  If you choose a new phone, you will be charged for it as part of the plan you get, over the period of 12-24 months.   The mobile networks offer the most up-to-date phones so you could find yourself with the best technology and gadget on the market! If you decide to get a new phone, make sure you consider this additional cost when you compare mobile data plans.

  • I think I am just going to make phone calls and send text messages.  I don’t use my phone for looking at the internet.

In that case, you will just need a basic package that gives you what you need.  It will generally come with some data, as some apps, including some messages, utilise mobile internet.

  • What If I Use A Lot Of Data?

You should choose a mobile plan that gives you as much data as you think you’re going to need to avoid excess usage fees.  If you are going to be looking on social media or sending emails; or if you are streaming or gaming, your usage will be different.  Some companies offer additional extras such as Spotify or Netflix streaming as part of their package.  You would need a subscription for it, but the actual internet use is paid for in your monthly fee.

  • Can I Share Data With My Family?

On some plans, you can share data between family members.  If you are on the same mobile network, it is possible to link the accounts so that the data is shared between you.  For example, your partner may get 10GB of data, and you get 20GB of data.  Between you, you will have 30GB to use in whatever way you choose.

  • Are My Calls And Texts Included In My Plan?

Usually, yes, your calls and texts are included in your plan.  Most plans include unlimited standard calls and texts, usually to any mobile or landline within Australia.  Premium numbers and international calls aren’t included in this standard rate.

  • I Need To Call Overseas.

If you need to make regular calls to overseas numbers, you should make sure you get a mobile package that includes international calls to the country or countries of your choice.  Otherwise, you may have to pay additional rates which can prove costly.  Similarly, if you go overseas check what your plan says about international roaming and what charges may apply.

  • Should I Get A Month-To-Month Plan Or A Longer-Term Plan?

If you are purchasing a new phone as part of your plan, then you will need to sign up for a contract to repay your device. However, if you opt for a SIM Only plan, then most retailers will give you the choice of a month-to-month plan or a contract.

When you compare phone plans, it’s important to consider the best option for your circumstances. A contract often includes $0 set-up fees or a lower monthly cost, whereas a month-to-month plan gives you the flexibility to change plans or providers whenever you want, without penalties.

  • Anything Else I Should Think About

It’s always advisable to check the coverage and service reliability of the mobile service provider that you plan to connect with. When you compare mobile plans Australia, it pays to find out which network your retailer uses – Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. Whilst each network offers impressive coverage throughout the country, some places, particularly remote or regional areas, are better served by a particular network.

Phone Plan Comparison Australia

At CheapBills, we know there aren’t enough hours in the day to compare phone plans from all the providers available to you. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed it down to 5 of Australia’s leading telecommunication providers to bring you great value, fast speeds and award-winning customer service.

Keep reading to compare mobile plans Australia from our carefully selected panel of phone and internet suppliers.

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Optus phone plan comparisons 

When it comes to phone plan comparison Australia, Optus has it all! From student and family deals to extensive business plans there’s something for everyone, including affordable data plans and the latest devices. You can also bundle your home internet – 5G or NBN – with your home phone and mobile plan for all your telecommunications needs in one place. 

TPG phone plan comparisons

TPG makes it easy to compare mobile data plans with their no-frills SIM Only options. Every plan includes unlimited talk and text to national numbers and a no lock-in contract, plus the option to keep your existing number. You can also bundle your mobile SIM plan with your NBN or 5G home internet plan for the convenience of both your bills with one of Australia’s leading providers.

Aussie Broadband phone plan comparisons

If you choose an Aussie Broadband SIM Only plan, you can compare phone plans from 8 options, starting from just 3GB of data, all the way up to 220GB. Every plan includes unlimited talk and text to national numbers on a no lock-in contract. You can add a broadband bundle and manage all your telecommunications through the award-winning MyAussie app.

More Telecom phone plan comparisons

If it’s data you are after, then a 5G mobile broadband data plan from More Telecom is the answer. Choose from 100GB, 200GB or 400GB on their data-only SIM plans to use with your compatible device or tablet. Alternatively, More have a range of great value SIM-only plans which include unlimited calls and your choice of data allowance. Plus, CommBank customers enjoy additional discounts on every mobile and broadband plan.

Tangerine Telecom phone plan comparisons

A SIM-Only 4G or 5G mobile phone plan from Tangerine Telecom is an affordable way to access data and unlimited calls and SMS within Australia. Every plan also includes a 500GB databank, which means any unused data each month goes into your databank for a rainy day. Tangerine’s month-to-month mobile plans can be bundled with a home broadband plan to complete your telecommunications package.

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