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How to find the best broadband plan?

Are you ever running out of data on your internet? Going over your plan? Or your browser isn’t loading quick enough for you?

How much data should I have?

Maybe you haven’t got the right broadband plan for your needs. We all want the best for the cheap price, so with so many internet deals floating around in cyber space how do we know which one to choose?

  • Fixed-Line

    Whether on ASDL2+ or NBN this connection tends to give you the same, consistent service day in and day out. It’s connected to your phone line and the modem you need is usually bundled into the monthly cost. Think of it like your mobile phone, you pay for the phone, the line and the plan cost each month.

    And, like your mobile phone, you are committed to either 12-months or 24-months and the larger the package you buy, the cheaper your data becomes. There are options on whether to have an unlimited package where there is no limit to how much you can watch, stream or download; or smaller bundles if your usage is lower.

  • Mobile Broadband

    This is a great option if you are uncertain of what internet you need or want. Or if you are looking at moving home and want a less than permanent internet connection. Or perhaps you want something for on the go for when you’re working? Mobile broadband allows you to have an internet connection using the mobile phone network. Mobile broadband can either be on a plan or have a month-to-month option.

    Set up costs usually include the price of the modem and a SIM card. They can be bundled like a mobile plan, or you can have a SIM only option if you already have the hardware. You can be limited on how many devices you can connect at any one time and going above the allotted data can be costly. Plus, you are not guaranteed a consistent service as it is all dependent on how pleasant your mobile network is being for you!

    Some people choose this in favour of making a long-term fixed connection if they know that the NBN is on its way but need something to tide them over.

  • NBN

    The NBN roll-out is happening! Many properties are already connected, which means they are entitled to the fastest possible internet. Once connected, you will need an NBN-ready modem, and again, this can be bundled in with the package you choose.

At the end of the day, the internet package you choose needs to be based upon your usage. Many people opt for an unlimited deal as they will never have to worry if they go over their data allowance, knowing that the price they pay each month is consistent.

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