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No Contract NBN Plans

Contracts can be pretty restrictive especially if you’re locked in for 18 months or more. Thankfully most providers these days are offering consumers no contract plans.

So when it comes to your NBN, consider a no contract plan. But before you do take a look here at our list of the best and cheap no contract NBN plans currently on offer in Australia.

Is there a Catch with Contract-Free Plans?

Rest assured that there is no catch with contract-free plans at least not here in Australia where they are regulated by an industry body and will be penalised for making false claims. A contract free NBN plan gives you the freedom and flexibility to leave your plans at any time anywhere. This is great because for instance if you have found a better deal elsewhere the last thing you want is not being able to get the deal because you’re trapped in contract with your existing provider.

A Little Bit About the NBN

The NBN is Australia’s largest communications infrastructure built to date. Stared back in 2010 under the then Labour Government its still being rolled out across the country as it’s had its fair share of delays and setbacks. It’s due to finish in 2021. To find out if your area has NBN just enter your address in our address tool.

A Look at Australia’s Cheap No Contract NBN Plans

NBN No Contract Providers

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of no contract NBN plans. To find out more or find out about other deals with NBN contact our friendly staff at Cheap Bills Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 9:00 pm.