How to Save Energy in your Home?

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Would you like to know how you can save energy? Are you tired of spending huge amounts on energy bills every month? Do you know that Australia’s electricity prices increased by 63% over the past decade? One of the major reasons for this hike is the increase in consumer numbers and access to electricity. A substantial amount of money is spent on energy consumption in every house each month. This amount can be reduced by following some smart steps.

In this article, we will share 12 important steps that will reduce your energy intake and conserve the earth’s natural habitat and protect ecosystems from destruction. It saves homeowners from spending a huge amount of money each year on energy bills and reduce carbon emission.

1. Use LED lights

Incandescent bulbs use more energy than led lights. A simple change you can make is to use energy-efficient light bulbs such as LEDs that will reduce your electricity bills.

Basically, an LED (light-emitting diode) bulb contains a semiconductor. The semiconductor works as a junction through which electrical energy is filtered. So, the light is emitted directly from the source input without the need to power a separate light-emitting load. In this way, LED lights to consume less energy than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Furthermore, LED lights have a longer lifespan as compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lights can be adjusted to your environment and these lights are available in various colours and dimmable variants.

use led lightsa

Incandescent lights

LED lights

Average life up to 1,200 hrs.

Average life Upto 25000 hrs.

No Mercury

No Mercury

60 watts

6-8 watts

90% energy lost to heat

90% energy lost to heat

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2. Use an instant water heater


Another way to reduce your bills and conserve energy is by switching to the instant water heater. In addition, water heaters are more durable and cost-efficient than traditional tank water heaters. It is inefficient and expensive to continuously heat storage water. You can get hot water on demand via instant water heaters, and it has no storage tank. By switching to an instant water heater, you will be saving the energy cost up to 25% approximately.

Use instant water heater

3. Use appliances during off-peak hours:


During peak hours of the day, electricity companies charge a higher rate. You can save approximately 50% on electricity if you are smart enough to know when to use your electrical appliances. The best way to save power and your money is to use high watt electrical appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and iron etc during off-peak hours. If you are looking for a way to save money on energy consumption, run your washing machine and dishwasher after 7 p.m Make sure to run full loads whether you are running a dishwasher or washing machine. Whatever the size of the load, these machines use similar amounts of energy.

Use appliances during off-peak hours

4. Insulate the home

Insulating your home in the right way can save the money you spend on cooling and heating via energy consumption. The majority of modern homes are well insulated. Usually, most household energy loss occurs through windows. In this case, you can retain the indoor heat by using double glazing.  You can also keep your indoors comfortable and warm by using exterior shades or blinds. If the doors are crafted well, they provide insulation. Making sure your windows and doors are closed while using AC can be helpful to save electricity for your home.

Insulate the home

5. Consider solar energy:

You can reduce your power bill and upgrade your home to be more energy efficient by using solar energy. Using solar power to reduce carbon foot print and to save money is a well-known clean energy solution. There are various ways to save solar power energy using lithium battery and that energy can be used later on instead of conventional energy.

Consider solar energy

6. Energy-efficient appliances

 Appliances are responsible for the total energy consumption in the household. So, before buying appliances, one must make sure that it is an energy-efficient model. It might be costly at the time of purchase, but it will surely save you a lot of money in the long run.

Energy-efficient appliances

7. Replace air filters

 Filters are used in many devices at our homes, including your HVAC system. Replacing dirty filters on a regular basis can reduce power consumption by up to 15%. A clean filter will reduce the strain on the particular device owing to their effective working.


Replace air filters

8. Select energy providers wisely

There can be a lot of energy providers in your area, and every provider offers different rates. It is highly recommended to compare energy provider once a year and select the one who is cheaper and most efficient. If you select the energy provider smartly, it will reduce the amounts you spend on your energy bills. If you live in Australia and want an affordable energy provider & plan, we can help you in finding a suitable energy provider in your area.

Select energy providers wisely

9. Switch Off the devices

 It is recommended to turn off the fans, TV, electronics devices, light bulbs and water heaters etc when not in use. You can save electricity at your home if you plug-in electrical devices only when you are using them and also use electrical appliances when you absolutely need them. It is advised to use a power board that supplies power to multiple appliances at the same time. It will make it easy for you to turn them off all at once.

Switch Off the devices

10. Save energy by adjusting the thermostat

You can save a lot of money on power consumption by using a programmable thermostat over the long run. You should consider buying it if you don’t have it because it is a valuable long-term investment. Programmable thermostats are very useful as you can set your thermostat and not worry about forgetting to turn the heat off before leaving the house for work. 

Save energy by adjusting the thermostat

11. Use dimmer switches

Perhaps you don’t need as much light as you think! With dimmer switches, you can set the lights to 50%-75% to full power in your rooms, still be able to see well (especially on a sunny day), and save money on electricity.
Use dimmer switches

12. Clean fridge coils

Lastly, you can save money on electricity by keeping your appliances in good condition. When the condenser coils are clean, the fridge compressor will work less hard and consume less power. Performing this simple task every three months, which only takes a couple of minutes, can save energy and ultimately reduce bills.

By practising these simple tips, you can save a sufficient amount of energy and see the difference in your energy bills. You will not only save money but also help the earth to conserve its natural habitat and protect the ecosystem. By using less energy, there will be less carbon emission, which will ultimately further the cause of saving our planet.

Clean fridge coils

By practising these simple tips, you can save a sufficient amount of energy and see the difference on your energy bills. You will not only save the money but also help the earth to conserve its natural habitat and protect ecosystem. As by using less energy, there will be less carbon emission, which will ultimately further the cause of saving our planet.

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