Things to Consider When Moving Home: Energy, Internet And Pay TV For Your New Property

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Anyone who has moved home knows that the to-do list can quickly become bigger than Ben Hur. Finding somewhere new to live is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you sign your new lease or book the settlement date on your new purchase, that’s when the real work begins!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We might not be able to recommend a new school for the kids or weigh in on the best dog park, but we can take care of finding you cheap electricity and gas plus an internet and Pay TV plan that will keep your family entertained from the moment you move in.

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  • Tips for moving energy
  • Tips for moving broadband and Pay TV
  • How do I get started?

Tips for moving energy

The process of connecting energy to your new home can vary, depending if you are establishing a first-time connection, such as in a new build that has never been connected to the grid, or if you are moving to a home with an established power supply.

If you are moving to an established home, then you can skip this first bit and scroll down to find out how to choose your new energy provider and get your electricity and gas connected.

Connecting energy to a new build

Your builder will submit a service request to the electricity and gas distributors to arrange for the necessary wires and pipes to be installed to connect your home with the electricity and gas mains. 

The electricity and gas distributors own ‘the grid’, including the power poles, lines and gas pipes that transport power around the country. In most cases, they will charge a connection fee to carry out the work on your new home. 

Depending on the complexity of the work required, this might be a standard connection fee charged on your energy bill, or it could be more expensive if you need a line extension or augmentation (new pipes and poles). In this case, you can ask your builder or the distributor to provide a quote, to avoid any nasty surprises.

Every distributor’s connection fees are different. Your distributor is determined by the area you live in, so unfortunately you can’t shop around for the cheap connection price. You can find out who your electricity and gas distributors are through the Australian Energy Regulator

The complexity of the work will also affect the timeline, so you should talk to your builder early to make sure the service request is submitted in plenty of time to avoid any delays to your intended move-in date.

Once the infrastructure is in place, the distributors will install the gas and electricity meters. In Victoria, this is done by contacting your energy retailer. The state has implemented a rule requiring all new electricity connections to use a smart meter. In New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, your builder can arrange the metering installation for you.

Choose your new energy provider

Moving home is the perfect time to compare electricity plans. If you are happy with your current provider, it might be possible to transfer your account to your new home, however, you should consider that you will have different energy needs, so your current plan probably isn’t the cheap option for your new situation.

To choose your new energy plan you should think about:

  • Energy rates

In most states the energy market has been deregulated, meaning that customers are free to compare rates and choose the best offer. To protect customers in a deregulated market, the state government sets a reference price – in Victoria it is called the Victorian Default Offer, or VDO and in New South Wales, South-East Queensland and South Australia it is the Default Market Offer or DMO. When you search for plans, each retailer will display their rates as a percentage of the reference price, making it easy to compare different prices.

You also need to decide between a variable or fixed-rate plan. Fixed rates are usually slightly higher than variable rates, but in a volatile energy market, they will offer you peace of mind that your bill will stay the same even if energy prices skyrocket.

Most retailers offer cheaper off-peak rates for energy used in the evening or on weekends. If you can adapt your energy habits to match, such as using a timer on your hot water and running your laundry at night, then you can make some significant savings.

If there are solar panels on your new home, or you are considering fitting them, there are many retailers that offer discounts on installation and a high solar feed-in tariff (FiT) for the excess energy you produce and supply back to the grid.

  • Incentives, rewards and bundles

In a competitive energy market, a lot of retailers have incentives for new customers to sign up. This might be discounted rates for the first six months, a credit on your bill or rewards with their partners, such as Qantas Rewards points or discounts on theme parks and entertainment.

If you have both electricity and gas, you might also find a cheaper deal by bundling your utilities with one service provider.

Next steps

Whether you are moving to a brand new home or setting up a connection in an existing property, the easiest way to go about it is to give CheapBills a call. We can help you find the cheap energy plan to match your unique needs and get your new property connected to electricity and gas.

Tips for moving broadband and Pay TV

While energy might be essential for most of us, the internet and pay TV aren’t far behind! There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the first few weeks in your new home hot-spotting from your mobile. Read on for some tips to make sure your broadband and pay TV Australia plans are set up in time for moving day.

NBN or 5G?

For fast home internet, you can choose between an NBN or 5G plan. The first step is to see if NBN is available in your area. You can check your address here.

You can compare NBN and 5G prices, speeds and data from our preferred providers in the table below.

Provider Type Plan Data Speed Features Cost
Optus NBN Internet Family Entertainer Unlimited 50Mbps Modem

WiFi Booster

Optus Sport

OS Fitness


$89 per month
5G 5G Internet Entertainer Superfast Unlimited 225Mbps 4K streaming

Optus Sport

OS Fitness


$99 per month

($89 for the first 6 months)

Belong NBN Standard Plus Unlimited 48Mbps Free activation

BYO modem option

Stream to 2-3 devices

$70 per month

Prices correct July 2022

NB: 5G data plans are not yet available through Belong.

Which Pay TV service should I choose?

The entertainment option for your home comes down to the interests of you and your family, as well as the budget you have to spend.

If you are interested in watching tv and movies, there are several streaming platforms, such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Stan that offer a wide range of content with flexible, month-to-month payment options at affordable prices. If you choose an Optus NBN or 5G entertainment package, a standard Netflix subscription is included in your plan.

For sports, current affairs, or interest channels such as National Geographic or the History Channel, a subscription service, such as Foxtel, might better suit your needs. The Foxtel Unlimited NBN and Premium Channel bundle starts from $144.20 per month and you can tailor your plan to include the channels of your choice.

Connecting the internet and Pay TV

Once you have found the cheap NBN plans and decided on your preferred Pay TV option, the process of getting connected should be easy!

If you have chosen NBN and your home has never been connected before, your retailer will arrange for an NBN technician to visit your property to install a utility and connection box. For existing connections, you should be able to activate your account yourself using either the modem provided or a compatible high-speed modem.

If you have chosen a 5G plan, your retailer will supply you with a modem and you can DIY the installation. The set-up process varies depending on the modem’s make and model, so it’s important to carefully follow the instructions provided.

For Pay TV, if you have a smart television and have chosen a streaming service, then it’s as easy as logging in. If you have chosen a Foxtel plan, you may need a set-top box (which will be supplied with your plan) or you might be able to access the channels through your smart TV.

How do I get started?

If you’re moving home, simply enter your details online or give us a call on 1300 786 045 and our 100% free comparison service will take care of everything for you!

We will compare energy plans, compare broadband and 5G options to find you cheap internet plans and match you to your perfect Pay TV service. Then we’ll connect it all to your new property in time for moving day! 

Important Note: All the rates, plans and offers stated in this article are subject to change at the provider’s discretion and might not be updated after the publish date unless stated otherwise. We try our best to update all the rates mentioned in our blogs as soon as possible. All articles updated will have the update dates mentioned. Thank you for your patience!