New Legislation Coming into Place to Ban Cold Calls in Victoria

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Most likely you’ve had energy providers ringing you out of the blue (cold calling) asking you to sign up to their service. Let’s face it its Damn Annoying! Worse when they use extremely pushy and salesy tactics on you. Well soon you can say bye bye to cold calls forever at least in the state of Victoria in Australia with new legislation coming into place. Find out more here.

Victorian Government’s Ban on Cold Calling

The Victorian Government announced earlier this year that it will ban cold calls from energy retailers in the state of Victoria along with high-pressure sales tactics like unsolicited door-to-door sales. This ban officially comes into place in December 2021. Its being put in place to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by energy retailers. The Victorian Government has also announced plans to ban door-to-door sales of solar panels through the Solar Homes Program.

Hefty Penalties will Apply

As part of the new legislation, penalties of up to $1 million will apply to energy retailers who wrongfully disconnect customers in need, and also to gas and electricity licensees who provide false or misleading information to the Essential Services Commission. Hopefully with such hefty penalties’ energy retailers will start playing by the new rules.

A Much Welcome Change

Cheap Bills like many people will welcome this legislation with open arms. We are firm believers in not using pushy and salesy techniques to get people to buy. Sincerity and integrity to customers is paramount and should be at the heart of business. Cold calling and pushy sales techniques should never be part of a business. We work one-on-one with you to help you find the best and cheaper deals in electricity and gas, internet and other services.

much welcomed change

Choosing the Right Service Provider

There is just so much to consider when choosing a service provider and this applies to your electricity and gas, internet and pay TV. Thankfully thanks to the digital age you now have comparison experts to find the best and cheap deal for you across electricity and gas, internet, pay TV and more. The great thing with a good and reputable comparison service is that all the work is done for you- comparing deals, finding the savings, the right package etc. You’re not pushed either into choosing a particular deal or provider. You make the decision as to which deal, or provider is best for you.

For genuine and honest help in finding the right deal for you when it comes to services like internet, electricity and gas, Contact our Team at Cheap Bills who wont pressure you to choose a particular deal or provider. They will just be there to share their expertise and help you in finding the right deal for you.

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