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With over 10.5 million customers, Optus is one of Australia’s leading phone and internet providers. They offer a wide range of NBN, Optus 5G, mobile plans and entertainment options, so you’re sure to find the perfect plan or bundle for your home, business or enterprise. Their My Optus app 24/7 customer support model means you’ll always get help when you need it.

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Where are Optus internet services available?

Optus is available throughout Australia, however, the availability of internet services at your address depends on the physical infrastructure available. You can use the coverage maps on the Optus website, or talk to a CheapBills expert to find out if NBN or 5G is available at your home.


Optus features

Optus internet plans come with a range of useful features to enhance your online experience.

  • My Optus App – have full control of your account anywhere, any time. You can pay a bill, set up a direct debit, track your usage, view your contract, update your personal details, and much more.
  • Living Network – designed to make your life easier, key features include Call Translate (real-time translation) and Call Notes.
  • Optus Pause – spend regular time offline, supported by Pause, where you can disconnect your mobile and home phone, choose devices to disconnect and control your screen time.
  • SubHub –  bundle and save on your subscriptions including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ and YouTube Premium, while managing them all in one place. 
  • Game PathTM – this add-on to your NBN plan provides a superior online gaming experience with a 30% average reduction in lag and a 75% average reduction in jitter.
  • Smart Spaces – an affordable range of security, entertainment and productivity devices to bundle with your Optus internet plan. Plus, you can have your smart home designed and set-up by an expert with great deals on device installation from the O-Team.

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Compare Optus NBN plans

Optus has a wide range of flexible NBN plans so you can tailor a solution to meet your home’s internet needs.

  • Optus Plus Everyday NBN 

At a glance: Unlimited data, month-to-month contract, Ultra WiFi Modem Gen 2 (min spend applies).

  • Optus Plus Family Entertainer NBN

At a glance: Unlimited data, month-to-month contract, Ultra WiFi Modem Gen 2 (min spend applies), ultra WiFi booster, McAfee WiFi secure, Netflix.

Once you have chosen your plan you can tailor it to your needs by choosing a speed tier – 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 240 Mbps or 600 Mbps, and opting for the BYO modem option or bundling a new modem with your service.

Compare Optus 5G home internet plans

If available at your home, 5G is a great alternative to the NBN for a fast, reliable internet connection. Optus has 3 5G home internet plans to choose from.

  • Optus Plus Everyday 5G

At a glance: Unlimited data, 50Mbps max download speed, month-to-month plan, Nokia 5G Modem.

  • Optus Plus Everyday Fast 5G

At a glance: Unlimited data, 100Mbps max download speed, month-to-month plan, Nokia 5G Modem.

  • Optus Plus Entertainer Superfast 5G

At a glance: Unlimited data, uncapped download speed, month-to-month plan, Nokia 5G Modem, Netflix.

Optus for business

Business internet solutions from Optus can help you streamline your business needs and save money at the same time. There are plenty of options on offer to suit your internet requirements and budget.

  • NBN Business Internet
  • 5G Business Internet
  • 4G Business Internet
  • Business fibre internet
  • Mobile broadband

You can bundle your internet with a range of other business services such as mobile and SIM-Only plans, VoIP or phone lines, phone systems, 1300/1800 numbers, cloud services, network management and device security.

Is Optus an environmentally friendly company?

Optus has made an Environmental commitment to understand, manage and minimise the environmental impact of its business operations, investments, products and value chain. 

Some of the highlights of their environmental work to date include:

  • New SIM card packaging saves approximately 50 tonnes of cardboard every year.
  • An estimated 7,884GJ per year was saved by retiring 200 racks of equipment racks.
  • 98.5% of e-waste was eliminated by improvements in their recycling program.
  • Won the 2021 Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) Annual Award in the telecommunications sector.

In addition, Optus Eco is designed to help customers work towards a more sustainable future.

  • Reduce – you can reduce your environmental impact by receiving paperless bills, switching to a plastic-free digital SIM and recycling, reusing or donating old devices.
  • Offset – through the Optus Carbon Offset program you can choose the number of devices you would like to offset and the carbon offsetting program you want to support.
  • Amplify – when you complete everything on the Optus Eco checklist, Optus will match your carbon offset payments.

How do I call Optus Customer service?

You can call Optus Customer service and talk to an expert 7 days a week between 9 am and 6 pm on 1800 508 000.

There is also a range of options to help you through your every need, including online and call centre support for sales, accounts and billing, installation, technical support, moving house and business services. You can access support 24/7 through online options.

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