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Comparing Mobile Phone Plans?

Gone are the days when a phone was just a phone.  Who knew the little box in your hand could hold all the information of the world in it?

Need to know what time the local pizzeria closes tonight or get your daily news or gossip fix; your mobile phone has all the answers!

So, if your phone has all these great capabilities, you’re going to need a decent mobile phone plan to match.  But with so many on the market, what sorts of things should you consider?

  • Should I Get A New Phone, Or Can I Use My Old One?

    Lots of mobile providers do SIM only plans where you can bring your own phone and simply put in their SIM card.  If you choose a new phone, you will be charged for it as part of the plan you get, over the period of 12-24 months.   The mobile networks offer the most up-to-date phones so you could find yourself with the best technology and gadget on the market!

  • I think I am just going to make phone calls and send text messages.  I don’t use my phone for looking at the internet.

    In that case you will just need a basic package that gives you what you need.  It will generally come with some data, as some apps, including some messages, utilise mobile internet.

  • What If I Use A Lot Of Data?

    You should choose a mobile plan that gives you as much data as you think you’re going to need.  If you are going to be looking on social media or sending emails; or if you are streaming or gaming, your usage will be different.  Some companies offer additional extras such as Spotify or Netflix streaming as part of their package.  You would need a subscription for it, but the actual internet use is paid for in your monthly fee.

  • Can I Share Data With My Family?

    On some plans you can.  If you are on the same mobile network, it is possible to link the accounts so that the data is shared between you.  For example, your partner may get 10GB of data, and you get 20GB of data.  Between you, you will have 30GB to use between you in whatever way you choose.

  • Are My Calls And Texts Included In My Plan?

    Usually, yes.  Most plans include unlimited standard calls and texts, usually to any mobile or landline within Australia.  Premium numbers and international calls aren’t included in this standard rate.

  • I Need To Call Overseas.

    Then you should make sure you get a mobile package that includes international calls to the country of countries of your choice.  Otherwise, you may have to pay additional rates which can prove costly.  Similarly, if you go overseas check what your plan says about international roaming and what charges may apply.

  • Should I Get A Month-To-Month Plan Or A Longer-Term Plan?

    When you sign up it will be over 12-24 months and may include a new phone.  They will generally be able to offer you a lower monthly rate with a high amount of data, than a month-to-month plan which tends to be a little more expensive.  However, it is all down to what you can and feel comfortable committing to.

  • Anything Else I Should Think About?

    It’s always advisable to check the coverage and service reliability of the mobile service provider that you plan to connect with.

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