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More have an impressive and affordable range of residential and business offerings, including exclusive discounts for Commonwealth Bank customers who receive a 30% discount for the first 12 months of their NBN plan and then 10% ongoing when they use a CBA credit or debit card. Every More plan comes with unlimited data, a free standard connection and a no lock-in contract.

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Why choose More to compare NBN plans?

  • Unlimited data on all NBN plans
  • Free standard connections
  • Technical support available 7 days a week.
  • No lock-in contracts
  • CBA customers receive a 30% discount for the first 12 months and then 10% ongoing when they use a CBA credit or debit card
  • Business and residential solutions
  • Bundle with a landline and/or SIM-Only mobile plan
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Where is More NBN available in Australia?

More Telecom NBN plans are available throughout Australia, however, the availability of internet services at your address depends on the physical infrastructure available. You can use the address checker on the More website, or talk to a CheapBills expert to find out if NBN is available at your home.

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Compare NBN plans from More

More have a wide range of speed options for NBN customers. No matter which speed you choose, your plan will include unlimited data, a free standard connection, 7-day technical support, no lock-in contracts and a Sticky IP address so you will stay connected to the network by not changing every time you restart your modem.

The NBN plans you can choose from include:

  • Value NBN – 25 Mbps download speed
  • Value Plus NBN – 50 Mbps download speed
  • Fast NBN – 95 Mbps download speed, 17 Mbps upload speed
  • Fast Plus NBN – 95 Mbps download speed, 24 Mbps upload speed
  • Superfast NBN – 205 Mbps download speed, 21.25 Mbps upload speed
  • Ultrafast NBN – configured on NBN1000/50 speed tier

To discuss the NBN speed that is right for your home and find out about the current prices for More’s NBN plan, call a CheapBills expert on 1300 786 045.

More Telecom business solutions

As a business customer, you have some extra NBN plans to choose from to meet your business needs.

  • Superfast Plus NBN – 205 Mbps download speed, 84 Mbps upload speed
  • Ultrafast Plus NBN – configured on the NBN1000/400 speed tier

You can also choose from a comprehensive range of business add-ons to complete your telecommunication needs.

  • Business modem – a Netcomm NF20 Wifi 6 is included in your NBN business plan. You can upgrade by adding MESH satellites for a one-off fee.
  • PoE switch – select an 8 port or 24 port option if you need to connect via ethernet cables
  • Phone service – choose from a softphone app or a Yealink desktop phone with advanced PBX features. Local, national and mobile calls are included in your monthly plan.
  • Phone add-ons – depending on your business needs, you can include a desktop phone sidecart, wireless extender or Yealink wireless headset to your phone.
  • Business mobile phone plans – choose from an affordable range of 4G and 5G mobile phone SIM-only plans, depending on your data needs. Every mobile phone plan includes unlimited standard calls and SMS within Australia, 2000 MMS messages per month, no lock-in contract and a 500GB databank, so you don’t lose your unused data each month.

What discount do I get as a CommBank customer?

Commbank customers can receive a massive 30% discount on their chosen NBN plan for the first 12 months. To be eligible, you must be a current Commbank customer and set up your More plan using a Commbank credit or debit card.

Who owns More Telecom?

More Telecom is an Australian-owned, Melbourne based telecommunications company that was founded in 2013 by brothers and NBN experts Andrew and Richard Branson.

Since 2021, they have been part-owned by Commonwealth Bank, creating a strategic partnership to bring special benefits to Commbank customers, including the planned integration of More NBN services with the Commbank app.

What network does More Telecom use?

More’s mobile plans offer extensive coverage through the Telstra network, so you’ll never find yourself without a signal. 4G plans cover more than 98.8% of the population through Telstra’s 3G and 4G networks, while 5G plans reach at least 75% of the population, with additional backup from Telstra’s 3G, and 4G networks.

How long does it take to get More NBN activated?

More’s NBN activation time varies from just 1 day to around 3 weeks, depending on if your property is NBN ready and the type of NBN connection technology available in your area. You can check if your home or business is NBN-ready by typing your address into the address checker on the More website or talking to a CheapBills expert on 1300 786 045.

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