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Are you in the market for a new NBN Plan?

Choosing the right plan is overwhelming. This article compares Dodo’s NBN plans, giving you insight into the industry information necessary to make an informed decision.

Why is NBN crucial to consumers?

The world is increasingly reliant on technology—the internet is no longer viewed as a luxury but a necessity. Australia is in the process of rolling out a nationwide National Broadband Network (NBN).  Digital infrastructure is now crucial to most communities.

Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is the ability of individuals/communities to access digital technology. NBN has given more Australians access to high-speed internet. It has increased national participation in the digital world.  Providing access to essential services, including education, health, and government services. NBN is a crucial infrastructure for Australians living in rural communities.

Economic Benefits

NBN is more than faster internet speeds; it has significant economic benefits. High-speed internet enhances business operations. Boosting economic performance through increasing consumer reach and expanding job opportunities. NBN also attracts new businesses and investments, expanding into previously inaccessible areas.

Education and Learning

Online learning and remote education are now crucial assets to Australia; high-speed internet is necessary. NBN enhances the speed and reliability of the internet, allowing students ready access to online resources. It also increases opportunities available to individuals by removing barriers to education accessibility.



Telehealth and online healthcare are now commonplace. NBN allows healthcare providers access to patients in remote areas. It has improved access to healthcare by reducing travel necessity. Telehealth has become a crucial option for individuals with mobility issues, or Australians living in rural locations.

Entertainment and Communication

Entertainment and Communication

High-speed internet provided by NBN has accelerated communication and media consumption. Australians can now video call friends and stream movies, shows and music at the click of a button. NBN has increased Australia’s interconnectivity.

Importance of NBN

NBN is more than just fast internet. NBN is promoting inclusion, economic benefits, education, healthcare, communication, and entertainment. NBN is improving Australians’ quality of life. As global technological reliance increases, NBN allows us to stay connected.

Why Choose Dodo?

Why Choose Dodo

Dodo is an Australian Internet Service Provider. It offers a range of NBN plans that vary in cost and usage capacities.

But why should you consider Dodo for your NBN Plan?

  • Affordability: Dodo’s plans are budget friendly, offering competitive pricing.
  • Flexibility: Customers can choose between long-term 12 – month contracts and 24 – month contracts and short-term month-to-month contracts.
  • Unlimited data: Their plans have unlimited data—no hidden costs.
  • Bundle options: Dodo allows customers to bundle plans and save.

Let’s look closer at Dodo’s NBN plans and how they compare to market competitors.

Dodo NBN Plans

Dodo has five plans, varying by speed and inclusions.

  • NBN15—their basic plan
  • NBN25
  • NBN50
  • NBN100
  • Home Superfast—their premium plan.

Plan Summary





Home Superfast


15Mbps download  speeds; & 5Mbps upload speeds

25Mbps download speeds; & 5Mbps upload speeds. 50 Mbps download speeds; & 20Mbps upload speeds. 100Mbps download speeds; & 20Mbps upload speeds. 250Mbps download speeds; & 21Mbps upload speeds.
Optimal Consumer Usage

Minimal usage;

Sending/receiving emails;

Social media;

Streaming music; & Max-2 users.

Light internet users;


Social media; & Streaming music.

Multiple-user video streaming;

Playing online games; & Work & School.

4k video streaming;

Large file download; & Online Gaming

4k multi-video streaming;

8k video streaming;

Online Gaming; & Large file transfers.

Cost $55 per month $60 per month $65 per month $85 per month $110 per month

How Does Dodo Compare to Other Providers?


Telstra is one of Australia’s largest internet and telecommunication service providers. They offer a range of plans varying by speed and inclusions. Telstra’s plans include:

  • NBN25: the Basic plan
    • Costs $85 monthly.
  • NBN50: the Essential plan
    • Costs $90 monthly for the first six months, then $100 monthly.
  • NBN100: the Premium plan
    •  Costs $95 monthly for the first six months, then $110 monthly.
  • NBN250: the Ultimate plan:
    • Costs $110 monthly for the first six months, then $130 monthly.

All plans include a Wi-Fi modem and unlimited data. Telstra has current offers with 6-month discounts on the Essential NBN, Premium NBN, and Ultimate NBN plans.

*Note: Telstra is not currently on the CheapBills panel, but more information can be found by contacting them at 13 22 00 or via their website.


Optus is another key telecommunication/internet service provider in Australia. They offer a range of plans that vary by speeds and inclusions. Optus’ NBN month-to-month plans:

  • NBN25: Everyday Basic Plan:
    • Costs $70 per month
  • NBN50: Everyday plan
    • Costs $80 per month
  • NBN100: Everyday Fast
    • Costs $89 per month
  • NBN240: Everyday Superfast
    • Costs $99 per month
  • NBN Ultrafast: Everyday Ultrafast (600Mbps)
    •  Costs $129 per month

Like Telstra, all Optus’ plans include a Wi-fi modem and unlimited data.


Dodo offers competitive pricing on NBN plans. Their flexible contract options make them a popular choice for consumers.

Comparing plans against other providers is crucial. Take into consideration factors you value, including internet speed, contract flexibility, and inclusions, when makings your provider decision.

All quoted prices are estimates from company websites.

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