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Telstra and Optus are the two biggest Australian telcos and so dominate the industry and are well known for their mobile, internet and home phone services. With millions of Australians on their plans and millions of others simply wanting to know more about these two big brands, we decided to put together this guide for you that compares Telstra and Optus home internet plans. We leave it up to you to decide who’s the winner or rather who is more suitable depending on your budget and overall lifestyle preferences.

In this guide we will look at NBN plans, and 5G home internet options and compare the cost, price and flexibility of Telstra and Optus internet deals, to help you compare these two giants of the Australian telecommunications landscape.

Why should I compare internet plans?

When it comes to selecting a home internet plan, it’s important to take the time to compare the plans on offer from providers like Optus and Telstra. Comparing home internet plans allows you to make an informed decision based on your specific needs, budget, and lifestyle, and it could save you hundreds of dollars every year.

By comparing Optus’ wireless broadband options with Telstra’s offerings, you can look for factors that are most important to you, such as data allowances, speeds, and pricing.

How do I find the best internet plan?

The best internet plan for your home is a very personal choice. There are several factors that affect which deal will suit your needs, including cost, speed, coverage, data limits and bundles. Knowing your preferences and priorities in regard to these factors will help you make the right decision. We’ll take a look in a bit more detail below.

How do I find the best internet plan

Compare Telstra or Optus Home Internet Plans

Both providers offer unlimited home internet plans with a range of speed tiers, so it might be tempting to choose the cheaper plan and lock it in.  It Optus offers unlimited plans from $69 per month, whereas Telstra’s unlimited plan starts from $80 per month.

Compare Telstra or Optus NBN plans

Telstra offers 4 NBN speed tiers to suit your internet speed requirements

  • Basic – NBN25
  • Essential – NBN50
  • Premium – NBN 100
  • Ultimate NBN250

Their NBN plans range from $80 to $140 per month, with an included Telstra Smart Modem 3, no lock-in contracts, no connection fee and a home phone line with unlimited calls to national mobile and landline numbers.

Optus NBN plans are available in 5 NBN speed tiers, offering these typical evening download speeds.

  • Standard – 25Mbps
  • Standard Plus – 50Mbps
  • Premium – 100Mbps
  • Home Superfast – 240Mbps
  • Home Ultrafast – 600Mbps

In addition, you can choose between Everyday or Family Entertainer options to tailor Optus broadband plans to your needs. If you choose a Family Entertainer plan, you will receive an Ultra WiFi Booster and a Netflix subscription, making it perfect for families. Optus NBN plans range from $79 to $139 per month on a month-to-month contract with no set-up fees (minimum spends apply).     


Compare Telstra or Optus NBN plans

Compare Telstra or Optus 5G Home Internet

Optus is preparing for an NBN-free future with its Optus Wireless Broadband plans. Telstra offers you the standard mobile broadband plans and a range of 4G/5G hotspots on modems which are of better quality than Optus. They have also recently introduced a 5G home internet option.

The Telstra 5G home internet plan costs $85 per month on a month-to-month contract. It includes extremely fast average download speeds of 378Mbps and a Telstra 5G Home Modem. It’s important to note that the 5G plan is NOT unlimited. It includes 1TB of data, which is more than double the average household use. If you exceed your data cap, your speed will reduce to 25Mbps for the remainder of the month.

Optus 5G home internet offers unlimited data and the choice of 3 maximum download speeds.

  • Optus Plus Everyday 5G – 50Mbps
  • Optus Plus Everyday Fast 5G – 100Mbps
  • Optus Plus Entertainer Superfast 5G – Unlimited maximum speed

Each Optus 5G home internet plan offers a no lock-in contract, $0 set-up fee and a plug & play WiFi modem (minimum spends apply). These plans have replaced the older, less reliable Optus 4G home internet plans.

Compare contract lengths, additional fees and flexible options

While maximum speeds and cost are probably at the top of your mind, it’s important to consider every aspect of the plans on offer.

  • Contract lengths: Telstra and Optus home wireless broadband plans are on a month-to-month contract. If you break your Telstra contract within 24 months, you will need to return your modem to avoid a fee. For your Optus home internet plans, minimum spends apply which you will be liable for if you leave your contract before the minimum amount is reached.
  • Additional fees: Both Telstra and Optus internet plans are transparent in their pricing, so you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees. There are, however, plenty of add-ons such as mobile phone, home phones, entertainment and WiFi boosters, so make sure you understand the cost relating to each extra before you sign up.
  • Flexible options: Both providers give you the option to upgrade your plan at any time with their month-to-month contracts, however, if you are considering downgrading your Telstra or Optus wireless broadband plans, fees may be payable. Before you choose a Telstra or Optus internet plan, consider your current and future needs carefully to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Internet Bundles and Packages: Telstra or Optus Deals

Internet Bundles and Packages Telstra or Optus Deals

Both Telstra and Optus offer you a range of internet bundles and packages. You can get great value for money and streamline your bills by bundling multiple services, plus you can often find special offers for new customers who choose more than one product. 

Telstra plans can be combined to get your high-speed internet, mobile phone, home phone, business solutions and home entertainment all in one place. 

Optus internet packages have similar offerings, including Optus Sport and a range of exclusive entertainment options and Netflix subscriptions to combine with your Optus internet plan.

Below we’ll look at some of the most popular inclusions for Telstra and Optus internet packages to help you discover the options that suit your needs.

What is included in Telstra or Optus bundles? 

Telstra bundles

  • Home internet – NBN or 5G
  • Mobile phone data plan
  • Mobile phone device
  • Telstra Smart Modem 3
  • Entertainment – Binge, Apple TV+, Disney+, Flash, Foxtel and Telstra Box Office
  • Sports – Kayo
  • Gaming – Xbox All Access and Xbox Game Pass

Optus bundles

  • Home internet – NBN or 5G
  • Mobile phone data plan
  • Mobile phone device
  • Optus WiFi Modem 6
  • Entertainment – Optus SubHub for discounts on Netflix, Binge, Prime, YouTube and more Disney+, Flash, Foxtel and Telstra Box Office
  • Sports – Optus Sport
  • Home security – devices and installation from the O Team

Find cheap Telstra or Optus broadband plans

Find cheap Telstra or Optus broadband plans

Finding an affordable broadband plan that suits your needs can be time consuming. If you are interested in a stand alone, unlimited NBN or 5G option, then Optus is the cheaper choice. Of course, with so many options available, it’s important to consider all the other factors on offer to ensure you make the right decision.

Get the Best Coverage

When comparing Telstra and Optus broadband plans, it’s crucial to assess the coverage and availability in your area – there’s no point saving money with an Optus plan if you can’t use it! While Telstra is known for its extensive coverage, Optus has made significant strides in expanding its network and now covers 98.5% of the Australian population. By ensuring reliable coverage, you can make the most of your broadband connection.

Your Internet Usage Requirements

Before committing to a Telstra or Optus home wireless broadband plan, consider factors such as data allowances, download speeds, and additional features. Optus wifi plans are all unlimited, with a range of speed options for both NBN plans and 5G connections. Telstra also has a range of NBN speed tiers, but their only option for 5G, with a capped data limit. 

Assessing Your Individual Needs and Lifestyle

You should consider the broader range of offerings from each provider to determine which option is cheap for you overall. Telstra and Optus wifi plans can be bundled with services like mobile phone plans, entertainment options, and home security devices. Assess the included features in each bundle and the associated costs to see which one is the best fit for your home.

By carefully evaluating these factors and comparing Telstra and Optus internet packages, you can find the cheap option that meets your requirements. Remember to consider the available bundles to go with your Telstra or Optus Optus home wireless broadband options to get the best value for your money. 

Conclusion: Which One’s Better – Telstra or Optus?

Hopefully you can see by reading our guide that neither Telstra or Optus is better but rather it depends on you, the consumer, your budget, your lifestyle and even your personal preference when it comes to choosing a brand. Many customers go for brands that they know and trust, others go for brands that offer them great customer service and incentives. In all Australia’s two biggest telcos are very similar and you’ll find that many Telstra customers have been Optus customers and vice versa. When it comes to price Optus is cheaper than Telstra but they differ on inclusions such as home entertainment and home security add-ons.

Still unsure about Telstra or Optus or just want to find out more about internet deals? Then chat to our team who are more than willing to help you find the best internet deal from our panel of providers. Contact CheapBills today and we will walk through a range of affordable internet plans, including some great value Optus internet deals.

Please note: CheapBills does not compare plans from all providers on the market. We will compare a range of products from our preferred internet providers, including Optus, TPG, Foxtel, Tangerine, More Telecom and Aussie Broadband.

FAQs About Telstra and Optus WiFi Plans

Telstra has a bigger market share than Optus as well as a larger infrastructure. As the largest telecommunications company in Australia, Telstra has extensive network coverage across the country, providing approximately 19 million fixed-line, mobile, and broadband services to millions of customers.

Optus is a significant second in the Australian telecommunications market, with a range of services on par with Telstra’s offerings and 98.5 percent coverage throughout the country.

Telstra and Optus are the leaders in the pack when it comes to mobile coverage in Australia. 

  • Telstra plans internet coverage: 99.4 percent of the population (4G/5G)
  • Optus plans internet coverage: 98.5 percent of the population (4G/5G)

Both providers cover a significant portion of urban, regional and remote locations. To find out if your home is covered by Telstra, Optus mobile broadband plans, or both, use the coverage maps available online.

Take care when looking at coverage maps – the network signal available at your home can also be impacted by other factors such as terrain, buildings and the distance from the mobile towers. You can also look at customer reviews and feedback on online forums, social media and review websites for real-life user experiences on coverage in specific areas.

In the end, the right provider for you will be the one that provides strong, reliable network coverage in your intended usage areas.

When comparing Optus and Telstra, there are various factors you should consider, such as coverage, pricing, bundles, speed and customer service.

Optus offers competitive pricing on their unlimited Optus plans Internet Everyday and Family Entertainer. For NBN plans Optus provides fast and reliable speeds with flexible, month-to-month contract options. Their customer service receives positive reviews for both their call centre support and online, self-service options including the MyOptus app.

Telstra offers the largest network coverage in Australia with a variety of unlimited NBN plans and a 5G home internet option. Unlike Optus, their 5G plan is not unlimited, however, the 1TB data cap will be sufficient for the majority of customers. Telstra plans are more expensive than the equivalent from Optus. Their customers report satisfactory service through their call centres for account management and technical support, as well as the online My Account features and app. 

Ultimately, the “best” provider depends on the specific factor you are comparing and how it can meet your unique needs.

If you have decided on Optus plans internet is available throughout Australia. International roaming is available for Optus mobile broadband plans to be used overseas. For home internet and NBN plans Optus is available in Australia only.

Yes, your Optus mobile data and calling will work internationally. You should refer to the fees of your plan to make sure you understand the additional fees involved before you use your phone and data overseas. Optus internet bundles are available for international roaming from $5 per day.

Telstra’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) coverage offers an extensive network reach across Australia. Telstra provides access to its robust infrastructure, with reliable mobile services to many internet providers, covering a broad geographical expanse, including major cities, regional areas, and even remote locations. 

MVNO customers experience the same excellent call quality and fast data speeds as Telstra customers. Some of the mobile and internet providers that use the Telstra network include:

  • TPG Mobile
  • Boost Mobile
  • Kogan Mobile
  • ALDI Mobile
  • Belong Mobile
  • Woolworths Mobile

Optus  Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) coverage gives a comprehensive network reach across Australia, allowing other internet and mobile providers to offer plans throughout Australia.  Optus MVNO coverage includes major cities, regional areas, and remote locations, allowing customers to stay connected across the country. With Optus’ robust network, MVNO customers can expect the same reliable call quality and fast data speeds as Optus customers. 

Optus’ MVNO partners offer a variety of plans and services tailored to different needs and budgets. Some of the internet providers that use the Optus network include:

  • Dodo
  • amaysim
  • Exetel
  • iPrimus
  • Spintel
  • OVO Mobile

Telstra is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Australia and has built a reputation as the ‘premium’ brand, and with that comes a premium price tag. 

The cost of network coverage compared to other providers depends on various factors, including the type of plan, data allowances, contract terms, and additional features. Different providers have different pricing structures, and individual needs and preferences play a crucial role in determining the best option.

You can use your mobile internet data from your Telstra, Vodafone or Optus deals outside Australia, but roaming fees will apply. You should refer to your specific plan inclusions and the country you are travelling to to find out home much your roaming fees are. With Optus internet bundles, international roaming is available for $5 per day.

Important Note: All the rates, plans and offers stated in this article are subject to change at the provider’s discretion and might not be updated after the publish date unless stated otherwise. We try our best to update all the rates mentioned in our blogs as soon as possible. All articles updated will have the update dates mentioned. Thank you for your patience!