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The electricity prices for an average household and business in Australia are among the highest in the world. Interestingly, not everyone pays the same price for their electricity, even if they live in the same area and consume the same amount of electricity. Some people pay more, some pay less for their electricity consumption.

In order to get a Cheaper deal on electricity, you must compare electricity plans and choose the one that best suits your needs. CheapBills compare electricity plans for you and  find the cheapest electricity provider in your area. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy comparing the cheapest electricity deals in  Australia. 

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If you want to get a cheaper deal on electricity in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. CheapBills can help you to find cheaper electricity deals. You Just have to contact our friendly customer service team between the hours of 9am to 9pm of  weekdays, and they will be happy to speak to you about cheapest electricity deals in Australia.

You can check our cheap electricity plans and select the cheaper deals on your electricity connection. Electricity plans vary in almost every city of Australia, and people are paying different rates on the same electricity consumption. You can check out the cheapest electricity rates in Melbourne and Victoria and select the best deal on electricity in your area.

Answer some simple questions about your current provider and we’ll get back to you with some alternative plans to suit.

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FAQs About Electricity

Here are some common questions for customers wanting to switch energy providers and save on bills.

Cheap Bills is able to determine what is the best electricity deal on offer for you. There is no ‘one best electricity deal’. Rather it depends on your budget and overall consumption. Cheap Bills works methodically to find a tailor- made deal that is just right for you.
A kilowatt stands for 'KiloWatt Hour',and is a unit of energy that measures how much electricity your home has used. Appliances are often described in terms of their wattage, that is, the power they require to run.
A megawatt (MW) is a unit of electric load or electric capacity. A MW is equal to 1,000 kilowatts (kW). An MWh is the amount of electricity generated by a one megawatt (MW) electric generator producing or operating electricity for one hour.
On- peak is the highest price – 7 am. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday (except most holidays) when most people are using electricity. Off-peak refers to the lowest price – before 11 pm. to 7:00am That’s when less people are using electricity. Each state in Australia has different peak times.
Electricity is cheapest during your typical off-peak hours- late at night or early in the morning. So, these are the times you can utlise to save money on your electricity bill.
Run your washer and dryer early in the morning or at night to take advantage of off-peak time. During the winter, electricity demand is highest in the morning hours between 7 and 9 am when people are using up heat. Doing laundry in the evening is your best time to save on money.
  • Air conditioning & heating
  • Water heating
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • TV and media
There could be several reasons why your electricity bill is higher than usual. These could be:
  • Time of year (winter is always highest given the demand for heat)
  • New charges added by provider
  • An electric fault that you’re not aware of causing a rise in pricing
  • Your consumption habits that you’re not fully aware of
A smart meter is an electronic device which is more advanced than your traditional meter. It records information such as consumption of electricity, voltage levels, current, and power factors. More and more homes and buildings across Australia are being fitted with one.
The truth of the matter is that plugged-in appliances can really drive up your electricity bill. Unplugging these makes a difference and might save you an extra $100 to $200 a year.
Some providers will offer you a discount if you bundle your gas and electricity services together on a plan with the one provider. Cheap Bills can help you in finding the right bundled deal for you.
Electricity is of the most widely used forms of energy. The electricity that you use is a secondary energy source. It is actually produced by converting primary sources of energy like coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, solar energy, and wind energy, into electrical power.
Most TVs today given they are designed with a good energy rating consume less than 5 watts a year in standby, which is a very small amount equal to a few dollars.
The $250 Power Saving Bonus is a one-off payment available just to eligible Victorian households to help cover the cost of their energy bills. Visit between 1 February 2021 and 31 January 2022 to apply online. Only one payment will be paid per household.
  • Victoria – 2002
  • South Australia – 2003
  • New South Wales – 2002/2003 (Elec and Gas. However, gas prices are regulated)
  • Queensland 2007
  • Tasmania – 2014
  • NSW (Gas) - 2017
Generators produce electricity from coal, wind, solar, hydro and nuclear.
Energy produces from renewal able sources such as wind, solar and Hydro.
Distributors manage and maintain the poles, wires and pipes that deliver electricity to your home. Distributors are also responsible for some metering services. Smart meters can be read remotely.
The ‘on-selling’ of electricity to customers, including customer service and managing bills.
  • Single rate – No variation in usage rates (24 x 7 x 365)
  • Block rate – a usage rate calculated based on blocks of usage
  • Shoulder – shoulder rates sit between peak and off-peak times
  • Off-peak – rates change in low usage periods, such as overnight
  • Time of use – different times of day incur different rates; same goes for different times of year
  • Feed-in tariff – paid to the customer based on the amount of energy they ‘feed in’ to the grid, mainly made possible by generating solar power using solar panels. It is only applied on top of one of the other usage tariffs.
National Meter Identifier. Every Electricity meter has a unique 11 alphanumeric digits (10 digits + checksum)

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