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The picturesque capital of South Australia has shown Australia the way to renewables, achieving the goal of being 100% powered by renewables all the way back in 2020. Unfortunately, this impressive track record couldn’t protect Adelaideans from the 2023 energy crisis, with electricity providers increasing prices by up to 30% in July.

Don’t sit back and accept rising prices. CheapBills is here to help you find cheap electricity and gas deals in Adelaide from our panel of energy providers in Australia.

Understanding Electricity and Gas Plans in Adelaide

Finding cheap electricity for your home is not as easy as just connecting to the lowest rate. It can help to understand the SA energy market to help you make an informed decision.

There are different types of plans and tariffs available to help you pay less for your electric connection. Some of the most popular tariffs include:

  • Solar Sponge Time of Use (ToU) – in Adelaide, off-peak energy used between 10am and 3pm, when solar power generation is at its highest, is set at an extremely low rate.
  • Controlled load – separately metered appliances, such as hot water systems and underfloor heating, can be charged at a lower rate with a controlled load tariff.
  • Solar feed-in tariff (FiT) – if you have rooftop solar panels, then a plan with a high FiT can earn you more from your electricity provider for your excess power.

You should also consider if a fixed or variable rate plan is right for you. Fixed rates tend to be higher, but give you peace of mind that your electricity price will not change for the duration of your contract. This can save you money in the long term in a volatile energy market.

Understanding Your Electricity Usage

Once you understand the electricity and gas plans available in Adelaide, you need to figure out the best option to save money. 

Every household has different energy habits, so you need to consider how many people live there, what times they are home, whether anyone works from home and when you use energy-hungry appliances such as heating and cooling, hot water, laundry, pool pumps or charging an electric car. The types of plans available to you will also depend on if you have a smart meter installed.

With this information, you will be able to determine the best electricity and gas plan and tariffs to save you the most. Alternatively, you can talk to a CheapBills expert for obligation-free, unbiased advice to find a great plan from our panel of preferred energy providers.

Find the Best Discounts When You Compare Electricity And Gas Plans 

If you decide to switch energy providers or move home, you will find many retailers with discounts and incentives available for new customers. Many retailers also have loyalty rewards, so it’s worth asking your current provider what they can offer you before you make the switch.

Some common discounts offered by energy providers include sign-up credits, pay-on-time discounts and rewards programs to access special deals and discounts from partner companies, including entertainment, movies, dining, hotels, travel and much more.

Rebate and Concessions Available in South Australia

Eligible concession card holders in South Australia can apply for the Energy Concession, SA Concessions Energy Discount Offer (SACEDO)  and Energy Bill Relief Rebate to help with their bills.

  • Energy Concession. Concession card holders can receive up to $263.15 a year for 2023-24, calculated as a flat rate per day to help cover energy payments.
  • SA Concessions Energy Discount Offer (SACEDO). Origin Energy customers in South Australia may be eligible to receive a guaranteed ongoing 17% off electricity usage and supply charges, a guaranteed 11% off natural gas usage and supply charges, flexible payment options and no late payment, processing, paper bill, credit card or exit fees.
  • Energy Bill Relief Rebate. Up to $500 a year for households, paid as a quarterly credit of $125 for people receiving electricity bills or a one-off bank account payment for people living in embedded networks. Small businesses can receive up to $650 a year.

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CheapBills is a Melbourne-based company, which means we have a wealth of local Australian knowledge to help you save money on your bills. Don’t spend hours researching Adelaide energy providers, just connect with us by calling 1300 786 045!

Our experts can help you compare electricity prices and find some of the cheapest energy plans in SA from our panel of preferred providers. Be sure to compare gas and electricity plans every 12 months to make sure you are always getting the best deal.

We will compare energy plans from some of Adelaide’s top electricity providers, including:

There are other retailers available in Adelaide to compare energy plans, including Origin Energy, AGL, Dodo, Alinta Energy, Simply Energy, Lumo Energy, Momentum Energy, 1st Energy and Red Energy. To compare energy prices from these providers, you can review the information on their website for the most recent rates and deals.

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