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Canberra residents have been in the happy position of experiencing some of the most minor increases in the cost of energy in recent years, leaving them with plenty of options for cheap electricity. 

To compare electricity providers and find the most affordable energy plans in Canberra, call CheapBills for a no-obligation, free comparison. Our experts can help you find cheap electricity rates and compare energy plans from our panel of providers to ensure you’re getting a great deal. Read on to find out more about comparing energy plans in Canberra. 

Find the Cheapest Electricity in Canberra

The energy market in Canberra is very competitive, meaning there are plenty of places to look for the cheapest electricity and gas. If you’re ready to switch electricity providers, looking beyond the cheapest electricity prices is important. You need to consider your unique energy usage and find a plan for your needs.  

This might include off-peak rates, an electricity and gas bundle, a solar feed-in tariff (FiT), an internet bundle, renewable energy initiatives or a controlled load tariff for high-energy appliances like hot water.  

Finding the plan matching your energy needs can help you save hundreds of dollars annually. A CheapBills expert can help you understand the best option for you. 

Compare Energy ACT

CheapBills is a Melbourne-based company with extensive local Australian knowledge that can help you save money on your bills. Don’t spend hours researching ACT energy providers; call 1300 786 045 to connect with us! 

First, it’s important to understand how you currently connect electricity, including your energy usage and tariffs. Our experts will talk to you about how you use your energy so we can compare energy prices from the best type of plan and tariff to maximise your savings. We will also compare the right electricity rates for your home, such as off-peak and controlled load tariffs. 

Who are the Top Energy Providers in Canberra

CheapBills can help you compare electricity prices and find some of the cheapest energy plans  in Canberra from our panel of preferred providers. Be sure to compare gas and electricity plans every 12 months to ensure you always get the best deal. 

We will compare energy plans from some of Canberra’s top electricity providers, including: 

Other energy retailers in Canberra are Origin Energy, AGL, Dodo, Alinta Energy, Simply Energy, Lumo Energy, Momentum Energy, 1st Energy, and Red Energy. To compare energy prices from these providers, you can review the information on their website for the most recent rates and deals. 

Understanding Electricity Plans for My Connection

Staying informed and making smart decisions is crucial when managing your energy expenses. One key aspect to consider is how to compare energy prices effectively. Tariffs, often called electricity and gas charges, encompass various components. These include daily supply charges from significant electricity and gas distributors and user charges for power used by the consumer. 

Electricity retailers deliver this power and compete for business by offering lower rates, discounts, and incentives. Here are some tariffs that will influence your energy plan choices and help you save electricity: 

  • Supply charges from regional distribution networks 
  • A single-rate tariff available 24/7 
  • Time of use tariff options for peak, shoulder, and off-peak energy usage 
  • A controlled load tariff designed for specific independent appliances 
  • Solar feed-in tariffs, enabling savings and reducing wastage 
  • Various renewable energy initiatives 

It’s important to note that certain providers might levy an exit fee, or there may be a connection fee when you switch to a new power supplier.  

Consider using a comparison service like Cheap Bills to ensure you get the best deal. This service carefully assesses and balances every cent, ensuring you receive the most advantageous electricity deals while effectively managing your energy connection in the ACT from trusted Australian power suppliers. 

Energy Rebates for Canberra Residents

Canberra residents can apply for various rebates and concessions to help with their energy bills. The Energy Bill Relief Fund, introduced on 1 July 2023 by the ACT government for eligible concession card holders, is a $175 payment to help with the cost of energy bills. 

In addition, Canberra households are expected to see an average annual reduction in their energy prices of $152 from the ACT’s  large-scale feed-in tariff scheme. 

The Utilities Concession is available to Canberra households with eligible concession cards to help cover electricity, natural gas, water, and sewerage costs. It is calculated daily based on the annual concession of $250. Daily rates vary depending on the season. 

Renewable Energy Options in Canberra

Canberra leads the way in Australia regarding renewable energy, and residents can rest assured that their homes are powered by 100% renewable energy generated by wind and photovoltaic power. 

This means you don’t need to compare energy providers’ environmental offerings—it’s already been done for you!  

To achieve their 100% renewable status, for every watt of power consumed in the state, the ACT pays back one watt through renewable investments around Australia. This includes funding five wind farms to feed energy back into the national grid to make up the equivalent of what Canberra consumes.

Will switching electricity providers affect my electricity supply? 

Switching electricity providers in Canberra will not affect electricity supply. The infrastructure and distribution network remains the same regardless of the energy provider. The only change you’ll notice is a different name on your electricity bill and, potentially, lower energy costs. 

How often should I review my electricity plan in Canberra? 

Reviewing your electricity plan in Canberra annually or whenever your current contract is up for renewal is a good idea. Energy prices and available plans can change regularly, so by comparing options regularly, you can always get the best deal on your electricity. 

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Our 100% free comparison service will compare electricity plans in Canberra with those of our preferred providers to find the option that best fits your needs.  

Cheap Bills can also help you find the cheapest NBN deals. We working with a panel of preferred internet providers:  

Canberra electricity has never been more straightforward; use our free energy comparison service to find the best electricity suppliers Canberra.  

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