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Comparing energy plans is crucial when navigating the landscape of Australian energy providers. Energy comparisons help you determine if you need to switch electricity providers. In this analysis, we delve into the offerings of two key players in the Australian energy market: Origin Energy and AGL. Let’s look at these electricity providers so you can compare electricity rates. 

Company Background and Services Offered:

Origin Energy

Established in 2000, Origin Energy is a crucial player in the energy industry. It is known for its commitment to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions. The Sydney-based company has become one of the country’s energy retailers. Origin now serves over 4 million customers nationally. They offer a range of energy plans tailored to business and residential customers. Origin Energy is dedicated to innovation and sustainability. It has embraced the growing demand for renewable sources and offers environmentally friendly options such as solar power. This progressive approach aligns with its vision of creating a more sustainable future. Origin Energy has expanded beyond energy services. The company now offers home and appliance insurance, addressing the evolving needs of modern households and businesses.

Origin Key Services include:


  • Moving house assistance
  • Electricity & gas
  • Solar & batteries
  • LPG
  • Internet
  • Electricity for apartments
  • Hot water for apartments
  • Meter connections


  • Moving premises assistance
  • Electricity & gas
  • Solar
  • LPG
  • Origin Zero


Founded in 1837, AGL is another crucial player in Australia’s energy market. AGL has evolved into one of Australia’s leading energy providers. Like Origin Energy, AGL provides electricity and gas plans for business and residential clients. With its headquarters in Sydney, AGL is known for innovation and sustainability within the energy sector. They are now an established company and servicing over 3.7 million people. AGL is dedicated to offering greener energy solutions and has various renewable energy plans. Beyond its core energy services, AGL offers additional household solutions. The company provides home and car insurance, showcasing dedication to the evolving needs of households and businesses.

AGL Key Services include:


Small Business:

  • Electricity & Gas plans
  • Moving Premises
  • Energy Efficiency


  • Energy Supply
  • Energy Solutions
  • Sustainability Assistance

Billing Process:

Both companies have flexible billing, with multiple payment options including: 

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • BPAY

They have online systems that simplify bill management. Origin Energy also offers bill smoothing, which allows customers to pay monthly rather than annually, streamlining budgeting. AGL also offers bill smoothing. However, it is only accessible to customers with 12-month loyalty. 

Carbon Offsetting and Renewable Energy:

Origin Lower carbon options

  • GreenPower & Origin Go Zero
  • Virtual power plant
  • Electric Vehicle Power
  • Solar panels and Feed in Tariffs

AGL Lower Carbon Options: 

  • Carbon offsetting 
  • Carbon-neutral plans
  • Electric Vehicle Power
  • Solar panels and Feed in Tariffs

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Customer Service:

AGL and Origin Energy prioritise customer service. Both companies have a 24/6 customer service hotline, with a live chat and dedicated customer service email. Their websites maintain a list of comprehensive FAQs—making it easy to resolve problems. AGL also has a call-back service to ensure fast problem resolution. 

Online Presence:

Origin and AGL readily maintain their online presence. Their websites have detailed information on services, plans, and pricing. Both companies have active social media accounts across various platforms, providing live updates to customers on services and outages. 


Origin Energy and AGL offer competitive rates with various structures, including fixed and variable rates.  Below is a comparison of state electricity rates. Comparing electricity plans can save you hundreds—electricity comparison is a lifesaver


Origin and AGL’s Victorian Standing Offer energy prices are comparable. Their prices are below the Victorian Default Offer.

New South Wales:

AGL’s standing offer energy rates are about $600 cheaper than Origin in NSW.


Energy Market regulations can drive up prices in Queensland. As a result, Origin’s prices are above that of the Default Market Offer, making AGL the cheaper option.

South Australia: 

Limited suppliers in South Australia drive up energy prices. AGL’s standing offer rates are similar to those of the Default Market Offer, but Origin is a tad more expensive. 

Price overview:

While Origin appears more expensive than AGL, our estimates are only based on Standing Offer rates. When considering prices, location and tariff can significantly impact the rates available. Getting an accurate estimate based on your location and needs is critical. We also recommend shopping around and getting a comparison from an unbiased third party.  Customers access exclusive discounts by paying bills on time and bundling energy with other services, such as gas or insurance. Both providers also have rewards programs; points earned through energy usage can be redeemed for bill discounts or gift cards.

Origin Rewards:

  • Origin Rewards
  • Everyday Rewards
  • Origin Spike
  • Fuel offer

AGL Rewards: 

  • Everyday savings and home living
  • Dining, entertainment, and travel
  • Retail, health, and beauty

The verdict:

Origin Energy and AGL are reputable and established energy retailers. They offer competitive energy rates and diverse services.  Assessing personal preferences and needs is crucial when choosing your electricity retailer. Pricing, billing processes, customer service, and online presence can significantly impact your satisfaction. Regularly reviewing your plan and usage ensures you get the best deal for your household. 

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Origin Energy:

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  • Phone:  13 24 61. 


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