Dodo versus Simply Energy: A Gas and Electricity Provider Comparison

With the current cost of living, electricity and gas comparisons are a lifesaver. This post compares two Australian gas and electricity companies, Dodo and Simply Energy 

We analysed and compared estimated annual electricity and gas costs for both providers. Research was conducted on consumers’ critical factors when choosing their electricity/gas provider. We examined energy and gas prices, solar feed tariffs, payment options, features, and sustainability.  

Company background:

Dodo and Simply Energy are two of the more than 46 gas and electricity providers in the Australian market.

Dodo Power and Gas


Dodo was officially established in 2001 and sold to M2 Group, which then underwent a merger with Vocus. It is now a subsidiary under the Vocus Group umbrella. The Vocus-M2 Group merger saw Dodo subscriber numbers increase to over 470,000. 

Vocus was founded in 2008 by Australian entrepreneur James Spenceley. Vocus Group, formerly Vocus Communications, is an international telecommunications company based in Sydney, Australia.  

Currently led by CEO Ellie Sweeney, Vocus Group has undergone several consolidations and purchases, transforming it into a communications behemoth. It currently possesses and manages a vast fibre network spanning 25,000km.  

Vocus Group is one of Australia’s leading three internet service providers.  Its 15,000km network connects all major cities and regional areas, and it is the sole owner of the 60Tbps Australia-Singapore Cable.  

Simply Energy:

Founded in 2005, Simply Energy operates as a Melbourne-based gas and electricity provider. Simply Energy is owned by ENGIE, a multinational utility corporation originating in France. ENGIE is renowned as one of the world’s largest independent power producers, focusing on various sectors, including electricity production and distribution, natural gas, nuclear energy, renewable resources, and petroleum. 

Simply Energy now supplies gas and electricity to over 12% of the Australian market, more than 700,000 people.

Simply Energy Provider

Back to the basics in electricity comparison:

Before we dive into our findings, let’s overview the basics of electricity comparisons to give you the tools to compare energy plans yourself. 

It’s essential to understand Australian reference pricing, your price safety net: 

A consumer on a standing offer should receive the maximum annual bills when consuming the average amount of electricity in your area. 

Reference pricing is set by assessing the economic costs retailers must recover to supply electricity to consumers. They prevent energy corporations from extorting consumers. However, it must be noted that Default Offers are not necessarily the lowest electricity price available. 

Two reference price setters vary depending on residential location.  

Default market offer prices:

Default Market Offer is the reference price set by the Australian Government. Set on July 1st each year, it applies to New South Wales, Southeast Queensland, and South Australia 

Victorian Default Offer:

Victorian Default Offer is the reference price the Essential Services Commission Victoria sets. Like the Default Market Offer, it is set annually on July 1st but only applies to Victoria.  

What does this mean for you:

Most companies provide Default Market Offer/Victorian Default Offer comparisons on their plan outlines. However, if you conduct your comparisons, the Default Market Offer and the Victorian Default Offer, reference prices are an essential benchmarking tool.  

Location, Location, Location:

So, where do Dodo and Simply Energy operate to kick things off?

Dodo and Simply Energy operate

Electricity Location Offering:

State                    Dodo                Simply Energy     

Gas Location Offerings:

State                  Dodo             Simply Energy 

Both providers offer electricity plans to residential customers across Victoria, New South Wales, and southeast Queensland. However, Simply Energy has the edge in South Australia, as Dodo is not currently servicing gas in that location. Additionally, neither organisation has gas offerings in Queensland due to state gas regulations.  

The important stuff: Cost comparison

The important stuff Cost comparison

It is important to remember that while reference prices (Default Market Offer and Victorian Default Offers) attempt to prevent price hikes, prices are fluid and market-dependent. Many variables, including global coal and gas prices, coal plants, domestic gas availability, and renewable energy source performance, impact Australian gas and electricity prices.  

Residential Electricity Victoria:

Residential Electricity Victoria

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,000 kWh  

Starting with residential Victoria, Dodo prevails. However, both companies’ standing offers fall under the Victorian Default Offer. Their estimated electricity costs are lower than the 2023-2024 reference price. 

Dodo’s daily supply charge is 26.51c/day, cheaper than Simply Energy’s, and its peak and off-peak hour rates are also more affordable. 

Residential Gas Victoria:

Residential Gas Victoria

 *Estimates based on an average consumption of 50,000 MJ 

Once again, Dodo is victorious.  

When consumption averages are 50,000MJ, Simply Energy’s gas costs are almost $500 more expensive. 

However, it must be noted that both Simply Energy and Dodo have gas consumption tiers—rates decrease as usage increases. 

Residential Electricity New South Wales:

Residential Electricity New South Wales

*Estimates based on average consumption of 3,911 kWh  

With costs calculated on annual consumption of 3,911kWh, Dodo is the cheaper electricity supplier in NSW. Their electricity costs are $386 cheaper than Simply Energy’s and $387 lower than the Default Market Offer reference price.  

Residential gas New South Wales:

Residential gas New South Wales

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 20,000 MJ  

Regarding New South Wales gas pricing, Simply Energy prevails; however, the margins are slim. Like in Victoria, both providers’ gas charges decrease with increased consumption, further enhancing the appeal of their rates.

Residential Electricity Queensland:

Residential Electricity Queensland

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,613 kWh 

Once again, Dodo prevails, being over $400 cheaper per year than Simply Energy, whose electricity costs are even beaten out by Default Market Offer reference pricing.  

Residential Electricity South Australia:

Residential Electricity South Australia

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,011 kWh 

Annual electricity pricing in South Australia is typically more costly than the other states. Dodo does win out in this instance, being cheaper than Simply Energy by almost $150. However, increased consumption discounts are still available.  

Residential Gas South Australia:

No comparison is necessary for gas, as Dodo is not available. Simply Energy has an average annual gas cost of $1,320. 

*Estimates based on average consumption of 1632MJ 

Once again, the company maintains generous rate decreases following high-volume gas usage.  

How do solar feed tariffs give back to you?

How do solar feed tariffs give back to you

Solar feed-in tariffs, or Solar FITs, are the money you earn from putting solar energy from your home back into the electricity grid.  

Solar Feed Tariff Comparison: 

State                      Dodo            Simply Energy 
VIC  4.9 c/kWh  4.9 c/kWh 
NSW  6.2 c/kWh  5.5c c/kWh 
QLD  Five c/kWh  5.5 c/kWh 
SA  5 c/kWh  5.5c/kWh 

Solar feed tariffs between Dodo and Simply Energy are pretty comparable. The only significant headway is seen with Dodo in New South Wales.  

Payment options:  

Both energy and gas providers maintain comprehensive payment options—ensuring customers pay on their terms. However, Simply Energy does not allow customers to pay bills in person at Australia Post. 

Payment Options:                              Dodo                 Simply Energy     
Direct Debit  YES YES
Paypal & Digital Wallet  YES YES 
Credit card  YES  YES
Phone  YES YES
Centrepay  YES YES
Post BillPay  YES YES
Australia Post
(pay in-person)
Cheque  YES YES 

Features: What factors entice us and enhance usability?  

Dodo and Simply Energy offer similar additional features for customers. The critical difference between them is that Simply Energy maintains an Android and Apple app; consumers can monitor usage and pay bills from their hands.  However, Dodo does have an online platform, ‘mydodo, ‘ where consumers can get 24- 48-hour updates on smart metre usage, check/pay bills, or change plans all in one location.   

Feature:                Dodo               Simply Energy 
Monthly Billing   YES  YES
Internet Bundles   YES  YES
Online Account   YES  YES
Energy App   NO  YES
Rewards   NO  NO
Green Power Option   YES  YES
Carbon Neutral Option   YES  YES

Noteworthy features: 

Simply Movie Perks: Vrewards 

Simply Energy maintains a partnership with Village Cinema. Signing up for Simply Movie Perks gives you 24,000 Vrewards points a year. Simply Movie Perks also guarantees discounts on usage and supply charges, carbon-neutral energy and NO lock-in contracts with ZERO exit fees. But what do these points get you?  

Standard cinema tickets: 

  • 8 x standard Tickets = 20,000 points 
  • 4 x Family Passes = 20,000 points 

Food and drinks: 

  • 16 Small popcorns = 8,000 points 
  • 8 x Vrewards Combo (1 regular popcorn and 1 regular drink) = 12,000 points 
  • 4 x Vrewards Deluxe Combo (1 large popcorn, 2 large drinks and 2 Ice creams) = 16,000 points 

Gold class:

  • 3 x Gold Class Tickets = 15,000 points 
  • 3 X Gold Class Upgrade = 7,500 points 

Dodo National Broadband Network Bundling:  

Dodo is currently offering NBN bundling for current and new customers. You can save on your bills by bundling your internet, electricity, and gas through the provider.  

In Victoria and New South Wales, Dodo will chip in $10//month towards your internet; in Queensland, they will chip in $5/month. The result can knock up to $120 off your annual expenses. They also maintain no-lock-in contracts and no exit fees, allowing you to manage accounts and bills all from one location (mydodo) 

However, this deal is only available in certain areas, and services must all be linked to the same address.  

Simply Energy Bundling: 

While Simply Energy does not maintain Wi-Fi and NBN capabilities, it does offer 7-10% discounts on gas and electricity bundles. 

Support Services:  

Dodo Support: 

Dodo also provides support systems for customers in difficult situations. It maintains a comprehensive Family Violence Policy, Dodo National Hardship Policy, Dodo Power & Gas Energy Assistance Program Policy (Victoria), debt management systems, and connections to the National Relay Support for the deaf and hard of hearing. These systems allow tailored assistance to customers who require varying levels of support.  

Simply Energy Support: 

Simply Energy also maintains support systems for customers. These include a family violence policy, hardship support, and disaster relief, which support customers as needed.  

Both Dodo and Simply Energy maintain government concessions, rebates or grants that vary by state. These programs offer cheaper gas and energy for students, seniors, low-income families, life support users, and people in financial crisis.  

Sustainability: How are they committed to the future? 

Investment in sustainable practices has never been more critical as the world develops. Information from the Green Electricity Guide Australia 2022 provides insights into Australia-wide electricity providers.  

Greenpeace evaluated 48 Australian electricity and gas providers, assessing their climate policies and impact. Simply Energy is ranked 30th in Australia, while Dodo is ranked 28th. Key factors and rankings considered by Greenpeace are outlined below, with companies allocated a score out of 10.  

Factors considered        Simply Energy                        Dodo                  
Marketing Transparency  0  0 
Renewable energy supply  3  3 
Stopping Fossil Fuel Expansion  0  10 
Supporting the expansion of renewable energy  8.6  0.6 
Stopping Coal use by 2023  0  0 
Environmental harm & pollution  5  5 
Total score out of 60  16.6/60  18.6/60 

 Climate Action, Carbon Neutral Offsetting:  

Both providers maintain carbon-neutral offsetting options, with Simply Energy offering 100% Carbon-neutral energy plans—certified by Climate Action. For every tonne of emissions customers make, they purchase one tonne of emissions offsets. 

This means investing in organisations/practices that absorb or ease the production of C02.  Simply Energy also maintains a Carbon Calculator that allows you to calculate your carbon footprint.  

So, what’s the verdict: 

Categories  Winner 
Costs   DODO
Solar Feed Tariffs   SIMPLE ENERGY
Payment Options   DODO, SIMPLE ENERGY
Sustainability   DODO

Both Dodo and Simply Energy stack up well against one another. Who you choose should depend on your needs.  

If you’re like the average Australian, you’ll choose your provider almost solely off price point, seeking to save money.  

Cost-wise, you can’t beat Dodo. However, cost calculations are based on estimates, and state-to-state variations and constant discounts and promotions are popping up across both providers. With that in mind, your decision should be contingent on location, usage averages, and your desire for bundling. It is essential to do your research. 

NOTE: Price estimates are based on calculations from information provided on company websites. 

Simply Energy is not currently on the Cheap Bills panel. However, further information and location-accurate estimates can be found on their website or by contacting them at 13 88 08. 

Dodo is currently on the Cheap Bills panel. For further information on their products or help comparing and finding the best utilities available to you, reach out to Cheap Bills via our website: , give us a call at 1300 786 045 or send an email to 

At Cheap Bills, our team of experts can find you the best option in one easy phone call.  

We will consider your energy and gas needs to find a plan from one of our carefully selected providers to help you save money on your bills.  

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