Dodo VS Ovo Energy – An Electricity Price Comparison

Choosing an Energy Provider can be overwhelming. Sifting through options is time-consuming, and knowing what you’re looking for is hard. Ovo and Dodo are two popular Australian Energy providers. This article compares key company information and energy plans, helping you make an informed decision.


Dodo has been with an Australian Energy Company for over twenty years. They provide gas and electricity services to consumers, catering to households and businesses nationwide.

Founded in 2001, Dodo is part of Vocus Group, one of Australia’s largest telecommunication and energy providers. They offer electricity and gas to consumers across Australia, catering to NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT.

Dodo is known for providing consumers with affordable and reliable energy services. Their prices are competitive, and they have various plans catering to varying customer needs. Dodo maintains a strong customer focus and has a team that assists customers.

Ovo Energy:

Although they are a newer organisation, Ovo Energy is quickly cementing itself as a leading Energy Provider in Australia. They offer innovative energy solutions at competitive rates.

Ovo Energy is a subsidiary of the UK-based energy company Ovo, founded in 2009. Ovo expanded its operations to Australia in 2019 and has since expanded to service NSW, VIC, SA and QLD.

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Energy Plans

Ovo and Dodo cater to varying consumer needs, offering residential and business plans with various features.

Ovo Energy has two main energy plans:

  • The One Plan, a fixed-rate plan with a 12-month contract; &
  • The One Plan Plus, is a variable rate plan with no lock-in contract.

Dodo also offers two main energy plans:

  • The Market Offer, a variable rate plan with no lock-in contract; &
  •  The Standing Offer, a fixed-rate plan with a 12-month contract
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State-by-State Electricity Cost Estimates: Energy Prices


*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,000 kWh

Dodo and Ovo Energy are included in the Victoria Default Offer reference price. However, Dodo is almost $200 cheaper annually.  It must be noted that Ovo Energy maintains three different suppliers in Victoria, each with different prices—who you go with is location-dependent.

New South Wales

*Estimates based on average consumption of 3,911 kWh

Once again, Ovo Energy and Dodo are lower than the Default Market Offer. Dodo is almost $400 cheaper annually than the set reference price. Like Victoria, NSW suppliers for Ovo Energy vary by location; each has different rates.


*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,613 kWh

Dodo maintains prices over $300 cheaper than the Default Market Offer and Ovo Energy. Due to market regulations, Queensland only maintains one provider to Ovo Energy, Energex.

South Australia

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,011 kWh

Due to provider availabilities, South Australian Electricity prices are higher than in other states. There is a slight price variation of about $100 between Dodo and Ovo Energy. The Default Market Offer reference price is comparable to both. As in Queensland, South Australia has limited provider availability, and only one standing offer is available from Ovo Energy.

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Additional Features

In addition to their main energy plans, Ovo Energy and Dodo offer additional features and benefits.

Ovo Energy offers a discount to customers on the One Plan. Customers who pay their bills on time receive a 5% discount, and customers who refer family/friends customers can earn credit.

Dodo maintains a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Customers who are unsatisfied within the first 30 days of service can switch providers or plans at no cost.

Ovo and Dodo also offer Smart Metre options, where customers can monitor usage and bills from the palm of their hand.

Customer Service

Regarding customer service, both Ovo Energy and Dodo have received mixed reviews. Customer reviews indicate varying positives and negatives; some report billing and customer support issues. However, both providers pride themselves on exceptional customer service. Researching and reading company reviews is a great way to gain insight into your provider.

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Green Energy Options

Dodo and Ovo cater to environmentally conscious consumers, offering green energy options. GreenPower by Ovo allows customers to have their energy usage offset by renewable sources. Dodo has a similar program, GreenPower Plus, which enables customers to offset their usage through renewable energy programs. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-18.png


Ovo Energy and Dodo offer competitive energy plans with additional features and benefits. Consider your energy usage, needs, and preferences when comparing the two. We also recommend reading reviews and doing your research before deciding. You can find the best energy provider for your home or business by analysing various energy plans and investigating what additional features are avaiable.

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About the Author:

Raised in far North Queensland, Elsie moved to Melbourne, Victoria, 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She recently completed a degree in business and communications. Elsie is passionate about transparent communication, loves research, and enjoys helping people understand the utility comparison industry.

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