An Energy Provider Comparison: Energy Australia vs Dodo

Australia’s Energy market is competitive. With over 40 providers, finding the right energy retailer for your needs is crucial.

Energy Australia and Dodo are two key Australian energy companies. This article compares their energy plans, pricing, and customer satisfaction. The goal is to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision about your energy provider.

Energy Australia Overview:

Energy Australia is one of Australia’s largest energy companies. Since its establishment in 1995, it has serviced over 2.6 million customers. Energy Australia delivers reliable and affordable energy solutions. It has invested considerable time and money into renewable energy, prioritising a sustainable future.

Dodo Overview:

Dodo is a subsidiary of Vocus Group. Initially known for telecommunications, Dodo expanded to provide energy solutions in 2001. Dodo maintains affordable and sustainable electricity and gas plans.

Energy Solutions:

Dodo and Energy Australia offer various energy solutions catering to residential and business customers. Both providers offer plans for electricity and gas, solar power systems, and energy efficiency.

Electricity Plans:

Energy Australia maintains various plans. These plans cater to consumer needs, including fixed-rate, variable-rate, time-of-use, and flexible pricing options. They also offer electricity and gas plan bundling. Consumers can enhance savings, taking advantage of their competitive rates.

Dodo also offers various products to suit differing consumer needs. Plans include their Dodo Market offer, Dodo Solar Boost, Dodo Green Energy and Dodo Business Energy. Their plans maintain competitive rates with solar feed-in tariffs and renewable energy support.

Solar Power Systems:

Both companies maintain a public commitment to renewable energy,

Energy Australia offers solar power systems for residential and commercial customers. Their solar panels produce clean energy, reducing customer dependence on traditional energy and lowering energy costs.

Dodo also offers solar solutions, including solar panels, battery storage and solar hot water systems. Their solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty.

A windmill on a grassy hill

Description automatically generatedLooking to the future: Sustainability

Following on from solar offerings, Dodo and Energy Australia maintain a commitment to sustainability.

Energy Australia invests in renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power. It prioritises sustainable practices and actively initiates policies to reduce its carbon footprint.

Dodo allows customers to support renewable sources and reduce their carbon footprint through their 100% GreenPower initiative. The initiative sources 10-100% of your energy from renewable sources—reducing your carbon footprint.

But, enough of the background information, how do they hold up price-wise?

Energy Plans and Pricing:

Dodo and Energy Australia have various plans, each with different benefits, catering to varying consumer preferences. Energy prices vary by location and energy usage—personalised quotes or comparisons are necessary for accurate pricing. However, we have provided a rough state-by-state overview. This allows you to assess your electricity bill against the energy consumption averages. 

A calculator and coins

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Cost Estimates have been compared to the relevant Default Market Offer and Victorian Default Offer.

*Default Market Offer and Victoria Default Offer are the annual reference prices. They safeguard consumers from extortion. Reference prices are a fantastic guiding source when comparing Energy Providers.

Estimated Residential Electricity Costs in Victoria:

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,000 kWh

Both Dodo and Energy Australia maintain prices below the Victorian Default Offer. However, Dodo’s estimated annual cost is still below Energy Australia’s.

Estimated Residential Electricity Costs New South Wales:

*Estimates based on average consumption of 3,911 kWh

In New South Wales, Dodo maintains the most cost-effective standing offer. However, both providers’ costs are below the 2023-2024 Default Market offer.

Estimated Residential Electricity Costs Queensland:

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,613 kWh

Due to market regulation, Queensland consumers have fewer supplier options—prices tend to be higher. Regardless, Dodo still maintains a slightly lower Standing Offer price than Energy Australia. However, both providers’ annual cost estimates are lower than the Default Market Offer.

Estimated Residential Electricity Costs South Australia:

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,011 kWh

South Australian Energy Costs are the highest among the deregulated states. There is minimal variance in price between Dodo, Energy Australia, and the Default Market Offer.

Price Overview:

Overall, Dodo appears to be the cheaper provider. However, energy providers have varying offers, discounts and bundling, which can impact total costs. There is also variation in usage charges in peak and off-peak times. So, prioritising energy usage in off-peak times can significantly reduce your energy bill.

*These price estimates have been calculated from information on provider sites. Energy prices vary by location and consumption rates. Price inquiries and quotes are necessary to get accurate price estimates.

It is also essential to read providers’ terms and conditions, ensuring your awareness of potential hidden costs.

Customer Satisfaction:

We understand that customer satisfaction plays a major role in choosing your provider. Customer reviews provide great insight into how companies treat their customers. We analysed Dodo and Energy Australia 2020 Canstar Blue ratings to determine customer satisfaction ratings. 

Overall Satisfaction: 

  • Dodo: 3-stars
  • Energy Australia: 4-Stars

Value for money: 

  • Dodo: 5-stars
  • Energy Australia: 4-stars


Dodo and Energy Australia maintain competitive pricing across a variety of energy plans. Their plans cater to various consumers, giving them extensive market reach.

Dodo has slightly lower prices, resulting in higher customer satisfaction for value of money. However, Energy Australia has higher overall customer satisfaction levels and various fixed-rate and variable-rate plans. Both companies tick a lot of boxes.

When deciding on an energy provider, it is crucial to consider your individual needs. Conduct thorough research and explore customer reviews to find a provider that meets your unique requirements.

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About the Author:

Raised in far North Queensland, Elsie moved to Melbourne, Victoria, 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She recently completed a degree in business and communications. Elsie is passionate about transparent communication, loves research, and enjoys helping people understand the utility comparison industry.

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